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    The 4 basic things that you should know about Son Doong Cave Tour

    Located in the heart of the UNESCO-listed Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam's Quang Binh province, Hang Son Doong is one of the most captivating destinations that can be experienced in Southeast Asia. So this place becomes a tourist attraction.

    However, to have a trip to Soong Cave, you must know these things:

    The 4 basic things that you should know about Son Doong C
    Photo by Nguyen Tan Tin on flickr

    Register with the travel agent and wait for your turn

    To book a Son Doong Tour, you have to register with the travel agent and wait for your turn. 

    Specialy, travelers have to undergo two severe theory and practice tests. If not passing the tests, travelers cannot join tours to Son Doong. It is because Son Doong exploration is adventure tours. Travelers will join a tour without modern facilities, like a wild life.

    How long of waiting for a Son Doong tour?

    You have to wait for the specific evaluation of experts about the affection of tours to the environment. 

    And based on the number of tours booked in a year. Because the number of tours to Son Doong will be limited to one year

    The best time to visit Son Doong

    The best time to travel Son Doong is from February to August. The rest months are rainy season, which is very dangerous to travelers. 

    Things not to do at Son Do Cave

    Travelers are not allowed to litter, break trees, defoliate leaves, absolutely not touch anything in the cave when the experts have not allowed.

    If you violate this, you will be fined a large amount of money.

    And if you luck book a this tour, you will not hopeless about Son Doong tours:

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