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    Learn about: Món kho (Vietnamese simmered dish)

    When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, we always feel eager and excited because of diversification, attraction and yummy taste of dishes. Vietnam is famous for various kinds of food, and one of them is “món kho”( simmered dish).

    Learn about: Món kho (Vietnamese simmered dish)
    Photo by Thanh Tuấn Gà on wikimedia

    “Món kho” can be made with numerous kinds of meat like beef, chicken, pork, or seafood like  prawn, fish together with vegetables and spices. A greasy and glamorous taste of meat , seafood combined with sourness, sweetness and a little bitterness of spices and crispness, freshness and fragrance of vegetables create a wonderful flavour that wakes up our sense of taste and takes it from world to world. When we have a chance to eat a dish among diverse types of “ món kho”, we will never forget it.

    In general, to make "món kho” we need to pass two stages: preparation and simmering. In preparation stage, we pick up ingredients. Depending on each kind of “kho” and different regions ,we have different ingredients. 

    So if you have the opportunity to go to Vietnam, please don't forget to try this dish with rice. It will be great to enjoy. 
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