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    How much money do for a Vietnam Tour ?

    Vietnam famous destinations, Vietnam not only beautiful scenery but also unique culture.So every year, Vietnam welcomes millions of foreign visitors to Vietnam.

    But you are asking yourself: How much money do for a Vietnam Tour ?

    Yes. The expense is significantly diverse among different tourist-attracting destinations, and normally the price in the North of Vietnam is more expensive than the South counterpart. And the below will be: estimated for a tour in Vietnam.

    How much money do for a Vietnam Tour ?
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    Accommodation: Like other tourism destinations in the world, Vietnam has two main types of accommodation: budget and luxurious. Generally, the room price of the budget hotel fluctuates around USD 40 - 55 per night, while the luxurious one is more various with the average price higher than - around USD 75 per night.

    Transportation: There is a ton of ways to travel around and between destinations in Vietnam. 

    Taxi: the average price of VND 8,000-10,000 per km (USD 0.4 – 0.48 per km)

    For interprovincial travelling, you have more options to pick up, namely buses, train and air. This prices for these vehicles depend on the travel company. It can depend on the type of car, the number of seats in the car ... & the road you go.

    Food: with street foods in Vietnam, the price is pretty low at around USD 1 – 5 per dish.

    If tourists want to try special foods of some specific destinations, it is certain that they will be charged higher based on characteristic of that dish. And a meal, average prices range from $ 10 to $ 12.

    Other expenses: They are access fees to local attractions, souvenir expense and other extra costs. 

    It is truly difficult to estimate the amount of money. But don't worry, we think you should choose a reputable travel company so that they can take care of your package. 

    And a package tour price will be much cheaper than you go by yourself.

    You can refer to the package tour package of our company below:

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