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    Do you should make a Sapa Tour in the weekdays or weekends ???

    Do you should make a Sapa Tour in the weekdays or weekends ??? - Questions of those who have not had a chance to visit Sapa. And you are scared to arrive on a crowded day.

    Then the article below will share the experience for you.

    Sapa is beautiful place in Norther Vietnam. This is famous destination that you can't miss during your Northern Vietnam.

    Do you should make a Sapa Tour in the weekdays or weekends ???
    Trekking in Sapa - Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours

    Whether you travel on a weekday or weekend makes little difference. The weekends tend to be more crowded than the weekdays. The number of tourists will only be crowded at the end of the week in the nine-season rice season from June to October or special Vietnamese holidays (Tet).

    However, there are some famous local markets in Lao Cai such as Bac Ha on sundays, Can Cau on Saturdays, Cocly on Tuesdays that most of travelers like to visit. 

    And if your intent is to visit Bac Ha, the areas largest market, then you'll have to go on a weekend. And if you want to visit agricultural activity as you hike from this village to that village its better to go on a weekday. Because while some farmers do work on Sunday, many do not.

    In fact, it can not be compared which is better. Because Sapa generally does not change much between the weekdays & weekends. The prices will not change when you choose a reputable travel company. They will arrange a trip for you from A to Z.

    My suggestion is that you should include a visit to one of markets in your trip that can be combined with a trekking tour in Sapa. So you will have a diversified activities when being here if you really intend to see a market.

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