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    Apple Cake in Rose Shape (Bánh Táo Hoa Hồng)

    Apple Cake in Rose Shape (Bánh Táo Hoa Hồng)

    Apple Cake in Rose Shape (Bánh Táo Hoa Hồng)

     Using the familiar ingredients to make apple cake, but the cake you create will absolutely different. Apple cake in rose shape (bánh táo hoa hồng) will look like an art more than original cakes. When you are ready, feel free to follow one of my amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes below to create it.

    In weekends, you can choose thise Vietnamese Dessert Recipe to make a fantastic dish for all beloved people. Trust me, they will totally fall in love with it. Let us start right now, ok?

    Apple Cake in Rose Shape (Bánh Táo Hoa Hồng) 1
    Ingredients (for 6 cakes)
    1 puff pastry (you can buy at cake grocery store)
    2 red apples
    ½ lime (squeeze to get extract water)
    1 tablespoon wheat flour
    3 tablespoons apricot fruit can
    Icing sugar

    Step 1:
    - Clean apples, wait to get dry, do not peel off the cover, cut in half, cut off the cores, slice thinly.
    - Put on bowl, add a little water and lime extract water and put in microwave in 3 minutes with medium heat to make it soften
    - Slice puff pastry thinly with size 6 x 20 cm
    - Pour apricot fruit into bowl, put in microwave in 1 minute and then spread on each puff pastry slice. Arrange apple slices one by one on puff pastry slice like photo.

    Apple Cake in Rose Shape (Bánh Táo Hoa Hồng) 2


    Step 2:
    -Fold half the puff pastry and make sure the left half of apple slices still are outside.

    Step 3:
    -Gently roll it from left to right. Repeat these steps until all apple slices and puff pastry are out.

    Step 4:
    -Put cake up, correct its shape to look like rose. You can use toothpick to fix it.


    Apple Cake in Rose Shape (Bánh Táo Hoa Hồng) 3

    Step 5:
    - Arrange them on baking tray, put into oven at 190 celsius in 40 – 45 minutes.
    - Sprinkle a little icing sugar on top.
    Finally, you are done with one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. How do you feel? It is so interesting, isn’t it? Hope with this recipe, it will creates a happy time for your beloved family and friends. Good luck for your cooking.
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