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    Dried Docynia Fruit with Sugar Recipe (Mứt Táo Mèo)

    Mứt Táo Mèo
    Dried Docynia Fruit with Sugar Recipe (Mứt Táo Mèo)
      Have you ever heard about docynia fruits before? It comes from Sa Pa city in Vietnam. When visitors come to this place, they usually buy these fruits as a special gift for their family and friends. Today, I would like to introduce one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes which uses this fruit to all you guys. It is called Dried Docynia Fruits with Sugar (Mứt Táo Mèo).
    Beside of creating many delicious Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, this fruit also helps to get lose some weights for who wants to diet. And with this recipe, it helps to cure cough effectively. It is so amazing, right? Why don’t we try to make this dessert right now?


    Mứt Táo Mèo 1
    1kg docynia fruits
    100g fresh ginger
    80g sugar
    40g salt

    Mứt Táo Mèo 3
    Step 1: Clean well docynia fruit, wait to get dry.
    Step 2: Mix 10g salt with 1 liter warm water.
    Step 3: Slice docynia into small pieces.
    Step 4: Soak in mixture salt with water in step 2 and wait in 3 hours. Here is also the important step to create one of fantastic Vietnamese Dessert Recipes for yourself and family.

    Step 5: Mix 10g sugar with 1 liter water. Take docynia from mixture in step 2 and continue soaking in mixture sugar with water in 3 hours. Repeat step 4 and 5 in 2 times.
    Step 6: Next, bring docynia to dry on the sun in 2 – 3 days. If it is not sunny, you can bring to grill in 70 Celsius.
    Mứt Táo Mèo 4
    Step 7: Slice small ginger. If you do not love spicy, you can press out of water from ginger.
    Step 8: Mix slice donynia in step 6 with sliced ginger and left sugar amount. Wait for 4 hours and bring to dry on sun in one day.

    Finally, one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes from donycia fruits is finished. How do you feel? It is really suitable to serve in Tết holiday. So, why don’t make it for our family and friends right now? Store in glass jar is the best way to keep the best quality for this dessert. A little salt, spicy, sweet, sour and sweet come from this food is its unique flavor. Good luck for your cooking and have a happy holiday.
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