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    Tai Yến Cake Recipe (Bánh Tai Yến)

    Tai Yến Cake Recipe (Bánh Tai Yến)

    Tai Yến Cake Recipe (Bánh Tai Yến)

    Tai Yến Cake (Bánh Tai Yến) which comes from many popular Vietnamese Dessert Recipes is originally come from western area in Vietnam. They are usually sold on street hawkers. It is also the favorite snack of Saigonese.

    Tai Yến Cake Recipe (Bánh Tai Yến) 1

    Let me describe some detail about this cake which can help you imagine quickly. Its edge is really crispy. However, in the middle, it is really soft like steamed rice cakes (bánh bò). In present days, we cannot find them easily on streets with some reasons. But, maybe we should not give up. Are you curious how to make Bánh Tai Yến like me? Why not start learning its recipe from my mommy’s friend to discover more interesting things about one of most traditional Vietnamese Dessert Recipes?


    1kg rice flour
    50g sticky rice flour
    600g white sugar
    50g yellow sugar
    1 liter water
    Vanilla starch

    Tai Yến Cake Recipe (Bánh Tai Yến) 2


    Step 1: Mix rice and sticky rice flour in 1 liter water, knead well in 7 – 10 minutes.
    Step 2: After that, add more sugar into this mixture and stir gently. And then, add more ½ teaspoon vanilla starch, stir gently and wait for 15 minutes before frying.
    Step 3: Now, we start making one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Let us more concentrate, ok? Heat the oil (4 – 5 tablespoons – make sure it will cover all Tai Yến cakes when frying). Scoop each medium scoop and pour slowly into pan. When one face turns yellow, use chopsticks to turn another face.

    Tai Yến Cake Recipe (Bánh Tai Yến) 4
    Step 4: Next, put them on basket added paper napkin to absorb wasted oil. This cake requires its edge has to be crispy when its middle has to be soft like Bánh Bò (steamed rice cakes).
    Finally, we do not need to worry we cannot find these amazing cakes anymore. With this simple recipe, we also can make it at home and enjoy. From my tips, if you want these cakes bigger when frying, add more a little water (just more a little, not much). Hope you will satisfy with one of interesting Vietnamese Dessert Recipes and have a good appetite.
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