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    Lăng Cô Bay (Vịnh Lăng Cô)

    Lăng Cô Bay (Vịnh Lăng Cô)
    Lăng Cô Bay
      Reached more than 1,000 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, I came up with Lang Co town on a hot sunny afternoon. With its curved white sand beach located on clear blue sea waters clear, undulating mountains, Lang Co Bay is a picture wearing exotic. It is one of beautiful Vietnam Popular Destinations which you guys can not miss when visit Vietnam.
    There is no word or sentences can express all the beauty here. Nearly 100 years ago, King Khai Dinh after 4 months on the throne, the king dwells to Quang Nam considered customary, on the road, the King rest stop at Lang Co for some time, to discover the sheer beauty of the scenery here, he exclaimed: "it is a lively paradise" and carved stone praised today preserved in East An Cu village.
    The stone still keep the writing: "In June of the first summer (August / 1916) the new throne stations (1916), on the opportunity to this province to look at customs, passing mountain and river and looking around carefully and suddenly seeing this place.
    Lăng Cô Bay 1

    This land near to Phu Gia Mountain which also is one of Vietnam Popular Destinations, it has a reef sand, ocean, river flows around the land. On the South is Hai Van Quan, on the north it connects with the Canh Duong seaport. Looking straight to the mountain and you may see the clouds rising from burrows, as the young fairies dance in hold; looked into the water, the wind in the ancient sea, as all adoration of horses. Then now looking out in all four directions, the soft wind and fresh air can help you relax. Immerse looked for a long time, the heat seemed to be vanish, hearts feel cheerfully dished out.
    Lang Co Bay which is one of Vietnam Popular Destinations; is recognized as beautiful bay in the world, it is the fantastic combining between sea and mountain. Lang Co is located acres between shunts of Truong Son crashed into the sea, between the Hai Van Pass and Phu Gia Pass, so far as Bach Ma Mountain hidden in fog. Lang Co Beach gentle and quiet as the name of it, the wave’s also gentle surf to the yellow sand.
    To sum up, If you have a chance to visit Vietnam, make sure you will not miss this place if you love beach. And I do not want to leave here to return to the city with their daily work. Surely there will be a day I was back to one of Vietnam Popular Destinations like this lively paradise.
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