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    Coffee Pudding Recipe (Bánh Cà Phê Pudding)

    Coffee Pudding Recipe (Bánh Cà Phê Pudding)

    Coffee Pudding Recipe (Bánh Cà Phê Pudding)

    Coffee Pudding in Flower Shape is really suitable on Tết holiday. Came from many amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, this dish is such a great choice to make today.
    The combination between coffee with cream will create a fantastic flavor when chewing. Why don’t let try cooking one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this one with me?


    Cream pudding: 10g agar flour, 500ml fresh milk or whipping cream, 70g icing sugar, orange food color.
    Coffee pudding: 250ml cold water, 1 teaspoon coffee flour, 2 tablespoons icing sugar, 5g agar flour.

    Coffee Pudding Recipe (Bánh Cà Phê Pudding) 1

    Step 1: Coffee pudding: Mix coffee with 2 tablespoons hot water, stir well. Next, mix water, coffee water, sugar, agar flour into pot, cook with small heat. Do not stop stirring when cooking. When it starts boiling, turn off the heat.
    Step 2: Cream pudding (make at the same time with step 1): Mix agar flour, fresh milk/ whipping cream, sugar into pot, use spoon to stir well, wait for 15 minutes. Next, bring to cook with small heat until it starts boiling. Turn off the heat. Add some orange food color drops into this mixture or you also can keep the natural color if you want.

    Coffee Pudding Recipe (Bánh Cà Phê Pudding) 2

    Step 3: Here the most important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Even it is kind easy for making, but if you do not have tips or experiences, these layers will not be stuck together. Make sure the mixture in step 1 and 2 are still hot. Scoop one by one spoon coffee mixture in step 1 into each flower pattern. Wait for few minutes; check by use your hands to press gently on top. If they are not stuck on your hands, it is perfect to poor next layer. Pour one by one spoon of cream mixture in step 2 on each flower pattern. Wait to reduce heat and put in fridge.

    Coffee Pudding Recipe (Bánh Cà Phê Pudding) 3

    Finally, you already finished one of interesting Vietnamese Dessert Recipes from us. How do you feel? It is really easy, right? Trust me; its flavor is delicious as well. Before serving, you can add some cherries, kiwi on top to create more color for this dessert. Good luck for your cooking and have a happy Tết holiday.
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