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    Spicy and Sour Snail Salad (Nộm ốc chua cay)

    Spicy and Sour Snail Salad (Nộm ốc chua cay)

    Spicy and Sour Snail Salad (Nộm ốc chua cay)
    In hot days, we do not want to eat anything. Yes, me too. I lost 4 pounds coz this weather. Finding the new way to make I have a good appetite and I did. Let me introduce one of amazing Vietnamese Salad Recipes to all you guys. It is called Spicy and Sour Snail Salad (Nộm ốc chua cay).
    Ịt is a little crunchy by cucumber with tasty spicies will make you feel happy when eating. Eating with vermicelli is the best. Why do not we try cooking one of fantastic Vietnamese Salad Recipes for our families? Let’s rock.


    1 kg snails (depend onf which snail you want to cook)
    ¼ cabbage
    ½ onion
    ½ carrot
    1 cucumber
    3 cloves of garlics
    2 tablspoons of korean chili paste
    1 tablspoon sugar
    Spring onion, salt, roasted sesame


    Step 1: Soak snails in rice water in 2 – 3 hours. Clean again and bring to boil until they are cooked. Take out their meat and throw away their covers.

    Spicy and Sour Snail Salad (Nộm ốc chua cay) 1

    Step 2: Clean and slice small cabbage, carrot, cucumber. Peel off the cover of garlics and mince well.

    Step 3: Peel off the cover of onion and slice thinly. Repeat the process with spring onion.

    Step 4: Pour all ingredients into bowl.

    Step 5: Add 2 tablspoons vinegar, 1 tablespoon chili paste, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon roasted sesame into small bowl and mix well.

    Spicy and Sour Snail Salad (Nộm ốc chua cay) 2

    Step 6: Pour mixed spices in step 5 into mixture salad in step 4. Use your clean hands to mix. You can press gently to make sure all spices absorb into salad. Taste again to suit your flavor.

    Finally, you guys finished one of stunning Vietnamese Salad Recipes. How do you feel? Look to yummy and want to eat immediately right? As you told above, you should eat with vermicelli. It is the best choice. Good luck for your cooking and have a good appetite.
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