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    Ha Nam Province (Tỉnh Hà Nam)

    Ha Nam Province (Tỉnh Hà Nam)

    Ha Nam Province (Tỉnh Hà Nam)
    Ha Nam Province (Tỉnh Hà Nam) is located on south of Red River Delta, southern gateway of Hanoi. It shares border with Hung Yen, Ha Tay provinces on the north, Hoa Binh Province on the west, Nam Dinh and Ninh Binh provinces on the south and south-east. You should visit this province to know more About Vietnam.
    There are two main rivers: Day and Chau Giang rivers. Most of the land in this area is divided by the dense rivers. Therefore, it has the water area of ponds, lagoons, low fields and rivers which are convenient for aquaculture and water poultry rising.
    Ha Nam has tropical climate: rainy season lasts from October to May and dry season lasts from November to April next year. The annual average temperature is 230C.

    Ha Nam Province (Tỉnh Hà Nam) 1

    Coming to Ha Nam, visitors are interested in natural beauty sights like Truc Lam Temple and Ngu Dong Son (five grottoes), Thuy Grotto (Luon cave), Tam Chuc lake, Phuc Long Grotto.
    Truc Lam Temple
    Ngu Dong Son
    Ha Nam now preserves many typical culture sights: Long Doi Son, Ba Danh pagodas, Lanh Giang, Tran Thuong, Truc temples...
    The province is proud of Lieu Doi wrestling, kite, Truc temple festivals, traditional trade villages such as Doi Tam drum, Nha Xa silk handicraft, Thanh Ha embroidery, Ngoc Dong rattan and bamboo villages.
    Phu Ly City is 60km from Hanoi. Road, rail, water transportation are convenient. The province is located on National Highway No.1A.

    Ha Nam Province (Tỉnh Hà Nam) 2

    For a long time, Ha Nam is well known as the plane which has weird fruit About Vietnam. It is persimmon without seeds. This fruit is not only big, balanced shape, sweet but also it has no seeds inside. Besides the soft flesh, it has a crunchy part inside. I extremely like this part due to it has a taste like coconut and the smell like rose. So I usually eat more than 3 persimmons when visiting Ha Nam. In recent years,  this fruit is reserved and developed by Vietnamese Plant Group.
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