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    Fried Chopped Fish Ball with Bread (Bánh Mì Chả Cá)

    Fried Chopped Fish Ball with Bread (Bánh Mì Chả Cá)
    You only need less time for making one of amazing Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes like the dish I will introduce today. It is called Fried Chopped Fish Ball with Bread (Bánh Mì Chả Cá).One hot dish in breakfast for your family is never a bad choice. Let us create something new for your beloved persons with one of stunning Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes.

    500g feather-back fishes (scraped)
    1 bunch of spring onion (white part)
    1 garlic
    ½ tablespoon Maggie Seasoning Powder
    ¼ tablespoon fish sauce, salt
    ¼ tablespoon sugar
    ¼ teaspoon pepper
    Vietnamese mint herbs
    Black boy sauce, chili sauce.


     Step 1: Marinate scraped feather-back fish with all spices, use spoon to mix well until it is smooth and thick like into one cube. Roll into small balls and press gently into medium thin shapes.

    Step 2: Heat the oil, add fish balls into pan and fry until they turn brown yellow in both sides. Put on paper napkin to absorb wasted oil.

    Finally, you finished the basic step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Sandwich Recipes. Cut across the breads, add more chili and black soy sauce with pickled carrot + radish (optional). Next, add more fried fish balls, Vietnamese mint herb and white part of spring onion on top. And now, you can bite it. Good luck for your cooking and Have a good appetite.

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