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    Passion Ice-cream (Kem Chanh Dây)

    Passion Ice-cream (Kem Chanh Dây)

    Passion Ice-cream (Kem Chanh Dây)
    One Passion Ice-cream glass in summer days is never better. Who agrees with me? From many interesting Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, I would like to introduce this one to you. It is such an amazing dessert for yourself and family in weekend.

    Passion fruits contain many vitamine including Vitamin C which is really good for health. It prevents many sicks in summer season. Let us start making one of stunnig Vietnamese Dessert Recipes together ok?

    Passion Ice-cream (Kem Chanh Dây) 1

    8 passion fruits
    200ml water or fresh milk
    White sugar
    100ml whipping cream
    6 gelatin leaves


    Step 1: Cut in half, to scoop to get their meat, smash gently, filter to get away seeds. Soak gelatine leaves in cold water in 10 minutes. Then, bring to cook until it melts completely. Mix passion water in step 1 with gelatine. (Do not throw away theirs covers)
    Step 2: After put whipping cream in fridge in 10 – 15 minutes, mix well by mixer.
    Step 3: Pour slowly mixture passion in step 2 into whipping cream until it is smooth and soft and turn to yellow color.

    Passion Ice-cream (Kem Chanh Dây) 2

    Step 4: Use 3 passion fruits left, cut in half, scoop the meat and put into bowl, mix with a little sugar to decorate on top.
    Step 5: Scoop this mixture into passion covers in step 1 and put into fridge in 1 – 2 hours to freeze.

    Finally, you are finished one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes from us. Before serving, use a little mixed passion fruits in step 4 and pour on top. One more tip, if you do not want to use gelatine, it is ok but the mixture will not get thick like you want. The result of this dessert requires its sourness and sweetness, including the flavor of passion fruit with whipping cream. Good luck for your cooking.

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