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    Watermelon Jelly (Thạch Dưa Hấu)

    Watermelon Jelly (Thạch Dưa Hấu)
    Watermelon Jelly (Thạch Dưa Hấu)
    Jelly is the best dessert in summer. And today, I would like to introduce one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes to you. It is called Watermelon Jelly (Thạch Dưa Hấu). It is the great combination between jelly and this amazing fruit.
    Moreover, with this Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, I bet all members in your family will fall in love with it. Now, let us start making right now, ok?


    1 watermelon
    4 vodka tablespoons
    1 jelly powder (geletin)
    Jello Watermelon Food Color
    Sugar, water.

    Watermelon Jelly (Thạch Dưa Hấu) 1
    Watermelon Jelly (Thạch Dưa Hấu) 2
    Step 1: Cut in half watermelon like photo below.
    Step 2: Use spoon to get all meat of watermelon and put into bowl
    Step 3: Take out of seeds from watermelon. Press to get watermelon water
    Step 4: Mix sugar, jelly powder, jello powder together
    Step 5: Pour water and watermelon water into mixture in step 4 and stir well in 2 – 3 minutes
    Step 6: Pour mixed water in step 5 into 2 halfed pieces of watermelon
    Step 7: Put in fridge in 4 hours before serving.

    Finally, you just get one of stunning Vietnamese Dessert Recipes for summer days. Before eating, cut into small pieces like photo below. Trust me; you and all your beloved ones will love it. So fresh and yummy. Good luck for your cooking and have a good appetite.
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