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    Vietnamese Vegetarian Curry recipe ( Ca ri chay)

    Vietnamese Vegetarian Curry recipe ( Ca Ri chay)
     Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian is usually for who always eat or be interested in vegetarian food. Today I will show you  special recipe i know. It is Vegetarian curry. This is a familiar dish of Vietnamese which offerings straps occasions, and the twelfth anniversary of the Southern people. Vegetarian food does not contain chickens, ducks, goats, and cows.
    Vietnamese Vegetarian Curry recipe ( Ca Ri chay)

     You can cook  this stunning dish completely when using sweet potato, taro, discharge, beans fried, minced discharge, mushrooms, coconut milk, curry powder ... Surely  you will still have a delicious curry meal with bread or noodles as many other Vietnamese Recipes vegetarian.

    6 carrots slice into many pieces of each carrot.
    6 potatoes slice into 4-6 pieces of each potato
    2 pounds okra, don’t need to slice
    2 pounds eggplant, slice into big pieces
    2 trumpet mushrooms, sliced ​​about half of each trumpet mushroom
    1 pound white mushrooms
    1 pound mushrooms
    2 boxes of tofu, slice them like flag shape
    5 lemon grass, finely chopped
    2 finely chopped chili
    2 teaspoons minced ginger
    2 teaspoon of turmeric powder
    1 can tomato grind
    1/3 can of coconut milk
    Oil, sugar, salt
    3 pots of water.


    Step 1. Fried tofu, mushrooms until golden brown. From most Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian, I usually use this ingredient like the main one for cooking.
    Step 2. Add 1/4 bowl of oil on a pan, fry ginger until golden brown, add lemongrass, chili, turmeric and continue stir and fry until fragrant. Drain them on 3/4 bowl.

    Vietnamese Vegetarian Curry recipe ( Ca Ri chay) 1
    Step 3. Add white mushrooms on the oil pan above, fry them together.
    Step 4. Drain them in 8 quart pot, pour 1/2 the oil in step 1, fry trumpet mushrooms.
    Step 5. Fry carrots, potatoes very preliminary.
    Step 6. Drain them in pan, add about 2 tablespoons oil, turn down the heat, and stir tomato. This way makes tomato have very red color. Pour water into the pot, pour tomato into pot. Simmer for 2 more minutes.
    Step 7. Boil Eggplant, okra, mushrooms, tofu in the pot. When the pot begin to boil. Do a taste test for salt and spice.
    Step 8. When cooked potatoes, add coconut milk and boil it.

    To sum up, when serve this dish, scoop into a large bowl. You can serve with anything you like especially vegetables, breads and noodles. Vietnamese also uses it on Buddhist day. But if you like you can use it on normal days. Good luck with one of amazing Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian.
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