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    Vegetarian Crab Noodles Recipe (Bún Riêu Chay)

    Vegetarian Crab Noodles Recipe (Bún Riêu Chay)
    For many Asian people who follow Buddhism, whenever there is a full moon, they usually eat vegetarian food. Among many Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian have been introduced, Vegetarian Crab Noodles (Bún Riêu Chay) is a great dish to be added in the list.
    The sweet taste of the broth comes from many types of vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and other vegetarian food. We hope that this one of Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian can help you refresh your mind and even your body.
    Vegetarian Crab Noodles Recipe (Bún Riêu Chay)


    For the broth: 2-3 radishes, 2 apples, 1 pear
    ½ box of soya curd
    1 tablespoon of soya sauce
    200g of vegetarian crab stick (you can find this in supermarket)
    300g of shiitake
    300g of shimeji
    3-4 tomatoes
    Fried tofu
    Dấm bỗng (Vietnamese vinegar – you should find at Vietnamese stores to buy it) or sour tamarind
    Rice noodles
    Cockscomb mint, perilla, bean sprouts, or any type of vegetables that you like
    Poireau onion, coriander
    1 tablespoon of flour.

    Vegetarian Crab Noodles Recipe (Bún Riêu Chay) 1

    Step 1: Apples and pear are washed, skin-peeled, seeds-removed. Slice them, add into a stove with water, 2 coffee spoons of salt. Stew the mixture for broth.

    Step 2: Wash the soya curd and let it dry naturally.

    Step 3: Use your hand to smash the soya curd carefully, add soya sauce, 1 coffee spoon of salt, 1 coffee spoon of sugar and mix them all.

    Step 4: Wash and mince the vegetarian crab stick.

    Step 5: Use the knife to really mince the crab stick or use a blender.

    Step 6: Wash and slice the tomatoes in 6 pieces for each one.

    Step 7: Wash and remove the root of shiitake and shimeji.

    Step 8: Wash the vegetables, bean sprouts, poireau onion (mash the white part while mince the green part). Slice the shimeiji.

    Step 9: Take the fried tofu into a bowl.

    Step 10: Wash the cockscomb mint.

    Step 11: Heat up with a little bit of cashew nut oil, fried the white part in step 8.

    Step 12: Stir fry the tomatoes, add 1 coffee spoon of salt, sugar in 5-7 minutes then put the tomatoes in a separate bowl.

    Step 13: Stir fry the mushrooms (shiitake and shimeji) in 5 minutes then turn off the heat and put in a bowl.

    Step 14: Pour a little bit of cashew nut oil in the pan, add crab stick in and stir fry it.

    Step 15: Add the soya curd in step 3 in the pan, stir fry with crab stick, and mix them together.

    Step 16: After 5-7 minutes then sprinkle some flour in the tofu surface, mix it. This step is very important in making this dish – one of Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian. The flour will help to stick the soya curd with other ingredients and flow to the surface nicely.

    Step 17: You can take the apples and pear in the broth of step 1 out after it is cooked thoroughly. We will not use this but you can take advantage of it to make a dessert with it. Filter the broth so it would be clear then add the tomatoes, mushrooms, fried tofu in, cook them for 15 minutes.

    Step 18: Add to the broth a little bit of d dấm bỗng (Vietnamese vinegar) or sour tamarind, use the tablespoon to take the tofu mixture in step 16 into the broth, cook with small heat so that the tofu can flow in the surface.

    Step 19: When it is cooked, you will see the tofu on the surface. Adjust the taste then add some minced Poireau onion in. Turn off the heat.

    When serving Vegetarian’s Crab Noodles (Bún Riêu Chay), you can add some rice noodles into a big bowl; pour the broth in and place all the ingredients in it. You can sprinkle a little bit of minced coriander into the bowl and eat it while it is still hot. So how do you think of our Vietnamese Recipes Vegetarian? It takes many preparation and processing time but we believe it is totally worth it. Good luck to your cooking and if you have made the dish please do not hesitate to share the photos with us.
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