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    Jicama Fresh Rolls Recipe (Bò bía)

     Jicama Fresh Rolls Recipe (Bò bía)

     Jicama Fresh Rolls Recipe (Bò bía)Yesterday, my mother made one of stunning Vietnamese Salad recipes for my family. It was Jicama Fresh Rolls (Bo Bia). It also has another name is Vietnamese Jicama, Carrot, Black Sauce, Egg and Dried Shrimp Rolls. This is the combination of ingredients of recipe. This dish is absolutely delicious when using with black sauce which you can buy at any Vietnamese  super market.
     It is really easy for eating. Moreover, many young Vietnamese people fall in love with this dish and usually order when hanging out with friends. So, are you ready to cook it now? To know how to process one of amazing Vietnamese Salad Recipes like this Bo Bia, let us do the instructions below:
     Jicama Fresh Rolls Recipe (Bò bía) 1

     - 2 Chinese sausages
    - 200gr of dried shrimp
    - 2 eggs
    - 1 cassava
    - 1 bunch basil leaves
    - A few cloves of garlic
    - 1 carrot
    - Rice papers
    - Black sauce.


    Make the filling:

    - Dry shrimps soaked in water for a few hours, pureed or not, up to you.

    - Minced garlic and fried until gold with a little oil.

    - Roasted dry shrimp turn off the stove, take out to dish.

    - Peel cassava, cut fiber, smooth carrot fiber.

    - Fried cassavas and carrots until cooked, if you like you can add peanut (groundnut) to fry. If you want to eat hot, after fry you roll the mixture with rice paper immediately.

    - Stir Egg with a little salt and fry it. (Look Like Photo below)

    - After that, you wait to get cold and slice it (Look the Photo below)

    - Boiled Chinese sausage, fried with a little oil for fragrance then cut diagonal slices.
     Jicama Fresh Rolls Recipe (Bò bía) 2

    Prepare vegetables:

    - Washed basil leaves, pick up each leaf to remove worm and decayed leaves.


    This step is important for making one of stunning Vietnamese Salad recipes more beautiful and attractive. Moreover, you can see more details about this rolling process at Step 4, Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls Recipes.

    - Spread rice paper has dipped with water on dish, arranged a basil leaf, a slice of sausage. You must remember choosing greener side of the leaf below in order to rolling finished, the roll is more beautiful.
     Jicama Fresh Rolls Recipe (Bò bía) 3

    - Next, add the fried cassava, dried shrimp and finally scrambled eggs on the surface. Roll gently but tightly. This roll served with black sauce, sprinkle little fried garlic and pepper on bowl of black sauce if you like. Moreover, you can add more roasted peanuts into black sauce to create more flavor.

    Finally, you finished an amazing dish and ready to serve for your family and friends. This dish is quite familiar by being sold almost everywhere in Saigon, especially near schools. Fascinating this dish is attractive with dried shrimp, scrambled eggs, sausage, and sweet flavor of cassava. Is it hard to follow? Are you interesting with this food? If you have some comment and feedbacks, let us know! And do not miss our posts about Vietnamese Salad Recipes next time. Good luck for your Cooking.
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