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    Pear Drink Recipe (Nước Lê)

    Pear Drink Recipe
    Pear Drink Recipe (Nước Lê)
    Pear Drink Recipe  1
    When weather is changing like this, we can easily get sick. From one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, today I would like to introduce Pear Drink (Nước Lê) which can helps to reduce your cough and weight.

    Adding more ginger and dried red apple into one of interesting Vietnamese Dessert Recipes is the great way to create something new for your drink. When you catch a cold or want to reduce your weight, this drink is a best choice.


    1 big fresh pear fruit
    1 brand of ginger
    20 dried red apples
    2 sticks of cinnamon
    Honey or palm sugar.

    Pear Drink Recipe  3

    Step 1: Clean pear fruit, cut into 4 equal pieces. Do not peel off the cover, cut off the seed core.

    Step 2: Peel off quickly the cover of ginger, clean and slice thinly.

    Step 3: Cut dried red apples thinly.

    Step 4: Add pear, ginger, dried red apple into pot with 3 bowls of water and cinnamon sticks, cook with large heat until it boils. Then, reduce the heat and continue cooking in 1 hour. Here is the important step to create one of fantastic Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.

    Step 5: Turn off the heat, filter to get the drink, add more honey or pal sugar and taste again to suit your flavor.

    Finally, you already finished one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes from us. How do you feel? It is quite easy right? Hope you can satisfy with this recipe and good luck for your cooking. Have a good appetite.
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