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    Vietnamese Lotus Stem with Pork and Shrimps recipe (Goi Ngo Sen)

    Vietnamese Lotus Stem with Pork and Shrimps recipe (Goi Ngo Sen)

    Vietnamese Lotus Stem with Pork and Shrimps recipeOne of best popular Vietnamese salad recipes in Southern is Vietnam is Lotus Stem with pork and shrimps. Sliced lotus stem is used usually in South area. This dish is really fresh and delicious in hot days. Moreover, it is really crispy. The process is easy as well. You only need 30 to 1 hour to finish. One point is you need prepare lotus stems 1 day before making dish.

    300gr lotus stems
    50gr sliced carrots
    200gr sugpo prawns
    200gr half fat and half lean pork
    Persicaria, dried onion, sliced chilies, fried peanuts.
    White vinegar, sugar and fish sauce.


    Step 1: Cleave lotus stems in two and cut into pieces.

    Vietnamese Lotus Stem with Pork and Shrimps recipe 1

    Step 2: Mix 100ml white vinegar with 200gr sugar. Then put lotus stems into it, soak one day before cooking in fridge. This is an important step to make one of stunning Vietnamese salad recipes.

    Step 3: Next day, you fish lotus stems out water, wait to dry. Boil pork, and then slice it.

    Step 4: Steam shrimps, peel off the cover and cleave them in two.

    Step 5: Mix lotus stems, sliced carrot, persicaria, dried onion, fried peanuts, and sliced chilies with Vietnamese Dipping Fish Sauce.
    Step 6: Or you have another way to make dipping sauce: Boil 100ml fish sauce with 200gr sugar. When sugar melts all, wait to get cold, the dipping sauce will thick like honey. Most Vietnamese Salad recipes usually use this dipping sauce to create an amazing dish.

    If you love spicy, you can add some sliced chilies.

    Finally, you mix sauce with mixture of lotus stems and shrimp. Use it with deep fried scrimp pastes will give you a stunning flavor. Vietnamese Salad recipes usually require a short time to cook. It is really suitable for who does not have enough time cooking. Moreover, it is not only easy cooking, but also really good for health and skin. Good Luck to you.
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