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    Chicken Soup with Pineapple and Bitter Melon Recipe

    Have you ever thought about this combination before? Chicken Soup with Pineapple and Bitter Melon comes from many amazing Vietnamese Chicken Recipes. If you love chicken, but get boring with old ways for cooking. This is a good choice, especially in hot days. Moreover, if you want to get perfect body, especially men, eating chicken is always a good choice.

    Moreover, bitter melon is really fresh. It can help reduce heat inside body and make your skin more beautiful. As we always said: “Eat Well, Live Well”, so today, I will introduce the way for making one of Vietnamese Chicken Recipes like this dish to you. Let us cook now.

    300gr Chicken meat
    1 Bitter melon (medium size)
    ¼ Pineapple fruit
    700ml Chicken/Pork Broth
    Maggi’s stuff, salt, coriander.

    Step 1
    : Clean Chicken Meat in water added a little salt. Wait to dry and chop into medium pieces.
    Step 2: Clean bitter melon, throw away seeds. Then, slice thick (2cm).

    Step 3
    : Peel off the cover of pineapple, cut off eyes. Clean and slice into medium pieces.
    Step 4: Boil broth with medium heat, then add chopped chicken meat + ½ teaspoon salt  into pot, cook about 15 – 20 minutes. Sometime, you should spoon away dirty bubble on face of broth. Make sure that you cook exaclty what I told you to make one of Vietnamese Chicken Recipes more delicious.

    Step 5: Add sliced pineapple into pot and cook more 5 – 7 minutes. Then add more sliced bitter melon, cook more 1 -2 minutes. Next, season to suit your flavor. Turn off the heat.
    Finally, your dish is ready to serve. Using with boiled rice is absolutely delicious. You can use when it is hot or cold. Before using, remember add more sliced coriander on soup. Hope you like this dish and Good Luck for your Cooking. Do not miss our next stunning dishes about Vietnamese Chicken Recipes tomorrow. See you soon.
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