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    Vietnamese Fish Porridge Recipe

    One of my favorite Easy Vietnamese recipes in lazy days is Fish Porridge. You can use any type of fishes to cook this dish. Eating when it is still hot with a little fish sauce and sliced spring onion on face of soup will bring an amazing feeling. Moreover, it is a good dish for your kids if you have family. It is also good for health because fish contains many vitamins  which are necessary for body.

    So, do you want to know this stunning recipe from us? If you are ready, please follow carefully these instructions below to create one of delicious Easy Vietnamese recipes.

    1 medium size of fish (salmon, carp or fresh water fish - You can choose any fish from this list to cook)
    100ml rice + 20ml sticky rice
    Fish sauce, pepper, salt, sugar, monosodium (Optional)
    1 tblsp olive oil, garlic
    Spring onion, dills, dried shallot.

    Step 1
    : Separate head and body fish into 2 parts. Cut half of head fish. With body fish, you should eliminate all bones out of fish and slice into medium pieces.

    Step 2: Boil olive oil, add sliced garlic into pan, and then add pieces of body fish into pan, fry about 5 minutes, add a little salt, sugar and pepper. Next, turn off the heat. Please follow this step carefully. You can create one of stunning Easy Vietnamese recipes or not, it can depend on it.
    Step 3: Roast rice + sticky rice about 10 minutes and clean it.
    Step 4: Slice spring onion, separate white and green spring onion.
    Step 5: Boil olive oil again in pot, add white part of spring onion, head fish, fish sauce and pepper, fry until its flavor spread out. (About 5 minutes). Next, pour rice into pan to fry about 5 minutes. Continue add more water into. (I suggest that with 1 rice bowl, you should use 3 water bowls). Cook with small heat, about 45 – 60 minutes of till rice become soft. Sometime you should stir it to avoid rice will be burnt in the bottom of pot.

    Step 6
    : If water is out, quickly add more water, cook until rice is soft. Then, add salt, sugar, pepper and season to suit your flavor. Finally, add more sliced green part of spring onion on face of dish.

    In conclusion, you created one stunning dish for your family, especially for your kids. For using this dish, you can scoop into small bowl; add some fried fish which you made on step 2, dills and dried shallot on the face of dish. And you can serve it already. Hope you like this dish and wait for our next posts about Easy Vietnamese recipes. Good Luck for your Cooking.
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