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    Steamed Sticky Rice with Chicken in Da Nang Style Recipe (Xôi Gà)

    In Da Nang city, we have one of most popular Vietnamese Chicken Recipes which everyone from citizen to traveler are all totally fall in love. It is called Steamed Sticky Rice with Chicken in Da Nang Style (Xôi Gà). Sticky rice is cooked and brings to serve with steamed shredded chicken, deep fried shallot, Vietnamese herb mint and chili sauce. It is not difficult for cooking but required too much time for many small processes.

    If you still have not a chance to visit this beautiful city, why don’t you cook it at home? It is really simple if you follow step by step my recipe. You should cook one of stunning Vietnamese Chicken Recipes like this one in rainy days. Why? Because it will bring a fantastic feeling for each member in your family and help you guys getting closer.

    600g chicken
    ½ onion
    2 bowls sticky rice
    1 teaspoon saffron flour
    Salt, magi’s stuff, shallot, pepper
    Vietnamese herb mint, chili sauce, spring onion.

    Step 1: Clean well sticky rice in 2 – 3 times. Mix 1 teaspoon saffron flour, 1 teaspoon salt with cold water and soak sticky rice into this mixture through 1 night (make sure water will cover to rice’s face).

    Step 2: Clean well chicken with water added a little salt. Put chicken into pot; add more 1 teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon Magi’s stuff, boil until it is cooked (make sure water will cover all faces of chicken).

    Step 3: After soak sticky rice through 1 night, bring to cook with boiled chicken water in step 2. To create one of amazing Vietnamese Chicken Recipes, here is the important step to create its flavor. By getting have a delicious sticky rice, you should mix it with this proportion 2 parts of sticky rice : 1 part of boiled chicken water.

    Step 4: When cooking, sometimes use wood chopsticks to stir it well. Add more a little salt when cooking.

    Step 5: Peel off the cover of onion, slice thinly. Soak it into cold water about 5 minutes, wait to get dry.

    Step 6: Clean well spring onion, slice into short pieces, soak into hot water and wait to get dry. Or you can fry them with oil for getting have more delicious flavor. Peel off the cover of shallot, slice thinly and bring to fry with oil until it is fragrant. You should keep the oil to pour on face of sticky rice when serving.

    Step 7: Clean well Vietnamese herb mint, slice small. With boiled chicken, after wait to reduce heat, use hands to tear it until small pieces.

    Step 8: Mix onion, stirred chicken, Vietnamese herb mint together, add more salt, pepper and season again to suit your flavor.

    Finally, you already finished one of amazing Vietnamese Chicken Recipes with us. When serving, scoop into small bowl or plate, add more mixture stirred chicken in step 8 on face of food, pour more mixture oil and shallot in step 6, fried spring onion and finally is chili sauce before eating. From my cooking experiences, do you throw away the boiled chicken water, you can season It with spices: salt, sugar, pepper and add more sliced spring onion to create an amazing broth for serving with this food. Have a good appetite and Good luck for your Cooking.

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