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    Mixture Baby Jackfruit with Pork Meat Recipe (Mít Non Trộn Thịt Ba Chỉ)

    If I can choose one dish today for myself, I will pick Mixture Baby Jackfruit with Pork Meat (Mít Non Trộn Thịt Ba Chỉ) which comes from many stunning Vietnamese Pork Recipes. With many simple ingredients, and its process is not much difficult, you can create a fantastic flavor for your own meal. Serving with grilled rice pancakes (bánh đa nướng) is my choice. How abouy you?

    Do not stop changing your mind by following my instruction to create one of amazing Vietnamese Pork Recipes right now.

    300g baby jackfruit
    150g pork meat (half lean half fat pork)
    Vietnamese mint herb, basil leaves, cinnamon leaves
    Roasted peanut, sesame, fish sauce, sugar, garlic, chili, lime
    Grilled rice pancakes (bánh đa nướng) or deep fried shrimp cakes (bánh phồng tôm)

    Step 1
    : Clean well baby jackfruit, slice into short pieces.

    Step 2: Bring to boil with water until it is cooked (soft).
    Step 3: Put them on plate; wait to reduce heat, peel off the harsh cover; use your hands to tear it small and thinly.
    Step 4: Clean and boil pork meat. Wait to reduce heat, slice thinly.

    Step 5: Clean all leaves and slice small.

    Step 6: Smash well roasted peanut and sesame.

    Step 7: Mince garlic, add 2 teaspoons fish sauce, 2 teaspoons sugar, 2 teaspoons water, stir well until sugar is melted. Next, mix sliced baby jackfruit with sliced pork and dipping sauce into big bowl. Here is also the important step to create one of stunning Vietnamese Pork Recipes.

    Step 8: Then, add more roasted peanut and sesame with all leaves, mix well by chopsticks, season again to suit your flavor. Add more lime water before serving.

    Finally, your dish already can be served now. Eating with grilled rice pancakes or deep fried shrimp cakes is all delicious. You can add more extra dipping sauce on small bowl when serving. Hope you will love it and do not miss our other Vietnamese Pork Recipes next time. Good Luck for your Cooking and have a good appetite.
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