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    Fried Chicken Gizzard with Ginger Sauce Recipe (Mề Gà Sốt Gừng)

    In cold days, never better when you can enjoy a hot dish which can help you feel warmer from outside to inside. And that is why today I will introduce Fried Chicken Gizzard with Ginger Sauce (Mề Gà Sốt Gừng) for you guys. I hope one of amazing Vietnamese Chicken Recipes like this dish can create a create meal for your beloved family. Enjoy this dish with hot boiled rice is a perfect choose when eating Vietnamese Food.

    So, are you ready to create one of stunning Vietnamese Chicken Recipes from us right now? I bet you will not regret about this decision. If you do want to cook, please follow carefully our instruction below and let us start cooking now.

    5 – 6 sets chicken gizzard
    1 big clove ginger
    1 – 2 cinnamon flowers
    Spices: salt, sugar, chili powder.
    1 soy sauce
    Spring onion, garlic.

    Step 1
    : Peel off the cover of ginger, clean and slice into long and thin pieces.

    Step 2
    : Clean chicken gizzard with water added a little salt. Next, add them into pot, pour more water (1 – 2 tablespoons) + ½ sliced ginger (in step 1) + cinnamon flowers + ½ teaspoon salt, and cook until chicken gizzard is cooked.

    Step 3: After that, wait chicken gizzard to get cool. Slice thinly and put on plate.

    Step 4
    : Here is the important step to create the flavor for one of amazing Vietnamese Chicken Recipes. Add oil into pan, wait to hot, add more minced garlic and fry until it is fragrant. Then, add ½ left sliced ginger (in step 1) and fry more 2 minutes. Next, add 1 tablespoon soy sauce + ½ teaspoon sugar + ½ tablespoon water + sliced spring onion + 2 teaspoons chili powder (you can add more if you love spicy) and fry quickly. Season again to suit your flavor. Cook until it boils, turn off the heat.

    Finally, your dish is basically finished. When serving, you pour mixture (in step 4) on face of chicken gizzard and ready to eat. It is better when eating with boiled rice, especially in winter days. I bet your family will love it. If you love chicken, do not miss our other stunning Vietnamese Chicken Recipes next time. Good Luck for your Cooking and Happy Holidays.
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