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    Vietnamese Fish Pho Recipe (Phở Cá)

    Maybe you ate Beef Pho or Chicken Pho before. But have you ever tasted Vietnamese Fish Pho (Phở Cá)? It is also comes from many spectacular Vietnamese Pho Recipes. When you hear or visit Vietnam, the first food you will remember is Pho. You cannot say that you were in Vietnam if you still did not eat this amazing food. However, if you still have not a chance to visit here, you also can cook it at home, especially in weekends. I bet your beloved family will love it.

    Like many other Vietnamese Pho Recipes, Fish Pho requires much time for cooking, especially broth. But you will have a delicious meal for yourself and family. So, are you ready to cook this stunning dish? If you want, please follow our instructions below carefully.

    1kg Fish (I suggest you should use Snake Head Fish)
    2 kg Pork bone
    30-50g sliced ginger
    1-3 onions, peeled and grilled
    1 star anise, grilled or roasted.
    1-2 cardamom, baked or roasted
    5 whole cloves
    1 cinnamon stick long-range 10-15cm.
    Yellow rock sugar (Đường Phèn)
    Spices: Salt, sugar, pepper, chili, fish sauce, lemon fruit
    500gr Pho Noodle.
    Black Sauce (Soybean sauce), chili sauce – Buy at Vietnamese Markets
    Vegetables: bean sprout, basil, rice paddy, saw leaf herb – You can buy at Vietnamese Markets. (If you not make sure, you can ask them which vegetables for using with Pho, they will help), cleaned.

    Step 1
    : Clean pork bone with water added a little salt in 2 – 3 times. Bring to cook with 2 liters water. Wait to boil. Sometimes you use spoon to scoop out dirty bubble to make the broth more clear and look delicious. Cook about 2 – 3 hours. If water is nearly out, pour more. I suggest do not cover the pot when cooking one of amazing Vietnamese Pho Recipes like this dish.

    Step 2: Clean carefully fish with water added a little salt until it is not slimy anymore. Wait to dry, slice fish into 3 pieces. And put them into pot in step 1 to cook as well. Cook about 30 – 45 minutes to boil fish. Next, put it on plate.
    Step 3: Pour more 3 liters water into broth, wait to boil again. Turn off the heat. Filter this broth to throw away small bones. Bring to cook again, add more star anise + grilled onion + cardamom + cloves + cinnamon stick into pot, wait to boil and season with fish sauce + yellow rock sugar + salt, taste to suit your flavor.

    Step 4: When fish is not hot anymore, remove the skin and bone. Tear fish meat into small pieces. Put pan on cooking stove, add oil, wait to hot, pour minces garlic and fry until it is fragrant. Next, pour fish meat and fry about 4 – 5 minutes. Pour on bowl and put on face of dish when using.
    Step 5: Boil water, next soak Pho Noodle about 5 – 7 minutes.

    Finally, you finish one of stunning Vietnamese Pho Recipes. For using, you put Pho Noodle on bowl, add fried fish meat on face, scoop broth, sprinkle some sliced chili and pepper. If you want to increase its flavor, you can add more lemon juice, black sauce (soybean sauce) and chili sauce for eating. Serving with vegetable is the family way of Pho Noodle. Hope you love this dish. Good Luck for your Cooking.

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