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    Fried Pork Belly with Sweet Corn Recipe (Thịt Ba Chỉ Xào Bắp)

    These days I recognize that some restaurants love cooking steamed rice with sweet corn. And that is why I want to create something new with one of my favorite Vietnamese Pork Recipes. And I call this dish is Fried Pork Belly with Sweet Corn (Thịt Ba Chỉ Xào Bắp).

    This dish will bring a little spicy and sweet flavor in your mouth. Serving with shrimp crackers is really interested. You can use it like a snack will be great as well. Now, why don’t we try cooking one of amazing Vietnamese Pork Recipes right now?

    1 – 2 sweet corns
    200g pork belly
    Fish sauce, spring onion, purple onion, Maggie Seasoning Powder, onion, chili powder, salt
    Shrimp crackers

    Step 1
    : Separate seeds with core of corns.

    Step 2: Clean well pork belly, slice thinly, marinate with ½ teaspoon salt, a little pepper, wait for 15 minutes.

    Step 3: Heat a little oil, add more sliced purple onion and fry until it is fragrant. Next, add pork belly into pan and fry quickly in medium heat.

    Step 4: If you love spicy for one of amazing Vietnamese Pork Recipes like this one, you can add more chili powder to suit your flavor.

    Step 5: After pork meat is cooked, add more sweet corn seeds into pan and fry more 5 – 7 minutes. Season to suit your flavor, turn off the heat and add more sliced spring onion.

    Finally, you can bring this stunning dish for yourself and family to enjoy. Eating with shrimp crackers as I told above will be a good snack. How do you think about one of amazing Vietnamese Pork Recipes like this? It is really easy for cooking right? Hope you satisfy with this one. Good Luck for your cooking and have a good appetite.
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