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    Vietnamese Eel Porridge Recipe (Chao Luon)

    Another dish in my list favorite food is Eel Porridge. It is also one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes for who do not have enough time for cooking. Eel is a fish lives in sweet water, long body like snakes. Their skins is viscous and has brown yellow color. Moreover, this meat is really good for health, especially for kids. It contains many protein, Vitamins to make body can avoid many diseases. However, when processing you should cook carefully.

    So, are you excited for cooking one of stunning Easy Vietnamese recipes from us? If you are ready, please follow step by step all our instruction below.

    - 300gr eel
    - 150gr rice
    - Fish sauce + ginger + spring onion + dried shallot.

    Step 1
    : Separate white and green part of spring onion. Smash the white one and slice the green onion. Next, you clean ginger and smash it as well.
    Step 2: Clean rice, pour into pot and cook until its well done, add a little salt.

    Step 3: Clean eel to carefully: Use first water of lemon, apply on the body of eel and scrape it. Do this process until it is viscous no more. (With one of delicious easy Vietnamese recipes like this dish, when cleaning eel, do not use vinegar).

    Step 4: Add white part of spring onion and ginger in to bottom of plate and next put eel in plate, steam until it is cooked.
    Step 5: After steam, separate meat and bone eel carefully. Only use the meat one.
    Step 6: When rice is well done, add meat eel into pot, season to suit with your flavor by fish sauce, sugar and pepper. Cook about 5 – 10 minutes, stir frequently, and turn off the heat.

    Finally, you can serve one of amazing Easy Vietnamese recipes for your family or friends. I suggest you should eat when it is hot. Add some sliced of spring onion (green part) on the face of dish and dried shallot. You can use it with sesame dried pancake (Banh trang me) or Banh Quay.

    When you do not know what dish you have to cook today for your family, you can visit our website to find out many stunning Vietnamese recipes. Good Luck for your cooking.
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