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    Braised Chicken Wings with Chesnut Recipe (Cánh Gà Kho Hạt Dẻ)

    What will you cook for Christmas Night? And have you ever thought to combine between chicken meat and chestnut? If you ever try to cook or taste it, make Braised Chicken Wings with Chestnut (Cánh Gà Kho Hạt Dẻ) right now. It comes from many stunning Vietnamese Chicken Recipes. And I make sure that you and your beloved family will have an amazing meal on Christmas with this dish. Moreover, its flavor of course is really amazing. A little sliced ginger in this meal will make you feel warmer in these cold days.

    So, are you ready to cook one of amazing Vietnamese Chicken Recipes from us? If you want to change your boring meals on Christmas Night and make it more colorful, I think this is the good choice. Please follow our instruction below carefully. Let us start cooking now.

    600gr chestnut
    500gr chicken wings
    Ginger, 1 tablespoon sugar syrup (melted sugar), garlic
    Spices: fish sauce, sugar, purple onion, pepper, salt.

    Step 1:
    Clean chestnuts carefully, bring to grill about 5 minute at 160 degree until their covers crack. Peel off the cover, use knife to whittle a web outside. If chestnuts are big, cut in haft.

    Step 2
    : Clean chicken wing with water added a little salt in 2 – 3 times. Chop into short pieces. Marinate with 1 teaspoon salt + pepper + sliced purple onion + sugar syrup, mix well and wait 1 hour. Peel off the cover of ginger, slice thin and long pieces.

    Step 3
    : Here is the important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Chicken Recipes, so please make sure you will not neglect when cooking. Add oil on pan, wait to hot, add more minced garlic and fry until it is fragrant. Then, ad chicken wings, use chopsticks to fry 2 faces of meat until their color turn brown yellow. Next, add more sliced ginger into pan and fry quickly about 1 – 2 minutes, add 1 – 2 tablespoons water.

    Step 4: Pour ½ tablespoon fish sauce into pan, use the small heat and cover it. Wait about 5 – 10 minutes, next add chestnut to cook with.

    Step 5
    : Use small heat when cooking and do not open the lid. If water nearly runs out, add more into pan. Season again to suit your flavor. Turn off the heat.

    Finally your dish is ready to serve. Before serving, sprinkle a little pepper on face of dish. Using with hot boiled rice is perfect on these days. Change your meals on this Christmas Night and I bet you will not regret about your decision. Hope you love this dish and do not forget to follow our other stunning Vietnamese Chicken Recipes next time. Good Luck for your Cooking.
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