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    Steamed Basil Clam with Lemongrass and Chili Recipe

    Most street food in my country is Easy Vietnamese Recipes. Anyone can cook. Especially, I fall in love with Seafood. There are many kinds of them and ways to process. One of them is basil clams. And my favor is steamed basil clam with lemongrass and chili. Using in cold days will bring an amazing feeling.

    You can buy any where on streets Vietnam. However, today I will show you the way to cook this dish. Please follow carefully these instructions below:


    1kg basil clam
    6 cloves lemongrass
    50gr Ginger
    ½ tblp minced garlic + ½ tblsp minced chili
    4 tblsp fish sauce
    4 tblsp sugar
    10 tblsp water
    1 lemon.

    Step 1
    : Soak basil clam into water about 1 hour. Then, clean again.

    Step 2
    : Smash Lemongrass and Ginger. Put in the bottom of pot and add basil clams into.
    Step 3: Steam about 5 to 10 minutes or until basil clams open their mouths. Please make sure you cook it right. If you cook too fast or too long, its meat will be tough.
    Step 4: Making sauce: To create one of delicious easy Vietnamese recipes, this step is rather important. Mix fish sauce + sugar + water together, and then add minced garlic and chili into mixture. Finally add lemon juice in sauce.

    To sum up, this food is ready to serve. I suggest you should use when it is hot. You will extremely hot from inside to outside, but it is an amazing flavor. And you will not forget. Who does not have enough time for cooking; I think this dish is the best choice for snack meals. Hope you like it and do not miss our next posts about easy Vietnamese recipes soon. Good Luck for your cooking.

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