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    Grilled Rolled Chicken with Poireau Onion Recipe (Gà Nướng Cuộn Hành Barô)

    Do you love chicken? If YES, do not miss any our Vietnamese Chicken Recipes. Today, I would like to introduce Grilled Rolled Chicken with Poitreau Onion (Gà Nướng Cuộn Hành Ba Rô) for you guys.

    The delish flavor from chicken is combined with poitreau onion and special sauce will create a stunning dish for your meal. Trust me; you will totally fall in love with it. I cannot control my drool now, let us start cooking one of amazing Vietnamese Chicken Recipes, ok?

    500g chicken meat (thigh or breast)
    2 – 3 poitreau onion
    Spices: white wine, soy sauce, pepper, honey

    Step 1: Take away bone from chicken.

    Step 2: Use bamboo skewers to stick all face of chicken skin. Next, turn another face to marinate with soy sauce, salt and pepper, wait in 15 – 20 minutes.

    Step 3
    : Clean well poitreau onion, slice into short pieces. Spread the silver paper on wood board, spread chicken meat and poitreau on top.

    Step 4: Wrap carefully silver paper and tie well 2 heads.

    Step 5: Making sauce for one of amazing Vietnamese Chicken Recipes: Mix soy sauce with honey to marinate chicken.

    Step 6: Heat to grilling stove at 200 celsius and grill chicken in 20 minutes. After that, bring it out, marinate the sauce in step 5 on meat, bring to grill again at 180 celsius until meat turns caramel color.

    Step 7: Wait to reduce heat, slice into medium pieces, arrange on plate and sprinkle more pepper.

    Finally, you just finished one of amazing Vietnamese Chicken Recipes for yourself. I suggest you should eat immediately after cooked. It can maintain the delish flavor. Good luck for your cooking and have a good appetite.

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