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    Grilled Chicken Meat with Soya Cheese Recipe (Gà Nướng Chao)

    Have you ever thought that you can combine Chicken meat with soya cheese before? Yes, we all can do that. The dish is called Grilled Chicken Meat with Soya Cheese (Gà Nướng Chao). It comes from many stunning Vietnamese Chicken Recipes. If you love chicken and soya cheese, I think here is a great dish for yourself. Moreover, its flavor can help your family meal becomes happier. Through this dish, they will know the love you love and care for them.

    When you do want to cook one of delicious Vietnamese Chicken Recipes like this one, please follow our instruction below. I bet you will not regret about your decision.

    300gr chicken meat
    1 red soya cheese (Chao) – Buy at Vietnamese Markets
    10ml soya cheese water (Nước Chao)
    15ml cooking wine
    5ml honey
    10ml oyster oil
    Spring onion, minced ginger.
    Spices: salt, sugar, pepper, Maggi’s stuff.

    Step 1: Cut off the bone of chicken meat.

    Step 2: Grind well soya cheese and mix with oyster oil + soya cheese water + cooking wine and honey to create the sauce for one of delicious Vietnamese Chicken Recipes.

    Step 3: Spread the chicken meat out, pour the sauce on the center. Keep a little on bowl to marinate again.

    Step 4: Use bamboo string to tie it well. If you do not have bamboo string, you can cover chicken into silver paper.

    Step 5: Put chicken meat into a nylon bag and pour the left sauce + sliced spring onion and ginger into bag. Put in fridge and wait for 1 night.

    Step 6: Next day, bring them to grill at 200 degree in 30 – 40 minutes.

    Finally, your dish is ready to serve. After grilled, use knife to cut into circle pieces. Eating with boiled rice or Bánh Mì is all a good choice. I bet you will not regret about this decision. You should cook one of stunning Vietnamese Chicken Recipes like this one for your main meal or party. Good Luck for your Cooking.
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