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    Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls Recipe (Gỏi Cuốn)

    In Vietnam, there are many Easy Vietnamese recipes to cook. One of them is Fresh Spring Rolls. It is really easy to process. Moreover, this dish is good for health and skin. Today, I will tell you how to make this stunning recipe for your family and friends.

    Ingredients (For 4-5 people)
    1kg Shrimps
    One pack of Vietnamese Paper rice
    Banana leaves. Wrap paper rice into banana leaves about 1 to 2 hours (make them more tough and easy to roll)

    500gr lean and fat meat pork mixed
    Salad, Shallot, Bean Sprout, Chilies, Fennel (Optional)
    Dried peanut, minced garlic
    250gr Vermicelli
    1 Egg, Carrot, Cucumber and 1 little white vinegar
    5 tablespoons pickled soya bean sauce.

    Step 1
    : Clean carefully Pork meat, boil it and slice small. Boil water to hot, then pour vermicelli into hot water for 5 minutes and next, throw away water.
    Step 2: Clean Shrimps. Next, add ½ bowl of vinegar + 1/3 bowl cold water + 2 teaspoons salt into pot and boil it. Then, pour all shrimps into pot. With this step, it will make color of shrimps turn red and sweet. If you want to make one stunning dish, please be careful with it; one of Easy Vietnamese recipes.
    Step 3: Boil shrimp about 5 minutes and turn off the heat. Throw away water, and put ice into pot, wait for 15 minutes. Then, peel off the cover of shrimps. If your shrimps are small, you do not cut it into half. However, if they are big, you should cut them.

    Step 4
    : Stir egg and fry it. Then, slice it to small and long pieces.  Mash dried peanut.

    Step 5
    : making sauce for fresh spring rolls: 5 tablespoons + 2 and half tablespoons cold water + minced garlic + 1 tablespoon sugar mix together. Cook till it boils. If you love spicy, you can add some sliced chilies into mixture. Then, you add a little dried peanut. Most easy Vietnamese Recipes like this dish, usually use this sauce to eat with.
    Step 6: Use paper rice after wrap them into banana leaves, then, you add some salad, bean sprout, fennel, vermicelli, sliced egg, shrimps and pork and wrap them. (You can see the process to wrap spring rolls here, in step 3). Add more some shallot before finish rolling.

    Finally, you can serve them to your family and friends. You can make this dish before a picnic with friends or family. You can make them first and keep in fridge. In Vietnamese Cuisine, there is no easy to cook like fresh spring rolls. French people calls this dish is “Rouleaux de Printemps” – Food of Spring because the combination of color in this dish. Hope you like this dish. I will show many easy Vietnamese recipes in next posts. Good Luck to you.
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