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    Shredded Chicken Meat Soup with Pasta Recipe (Súp Nui Gà Xé)

    The sweetness from many vegetables and chicken meat will bring a stunning dish for your kids. This dish is called Shredded Chicken Meat Soup with Pasta (Súp Nui Gà Xé). It comes from many delicious Vietnamese Chicken Recipes. It is not only delicious, but also healthy and easy in cooking. If you are a busy mother, you can make this dish for your kids. I bet they will totally fall in love.

    When Lunar New Year is coming so close, most of us do not have enough time for cooking, especially for kids. I think with this recipe, it can help you guys in some ways. When you are ready, please follow our instructions below to create one of special Vietnamese Chicken Recipes for your kids. Let us start cooking this healthy dish right now.

    1 bowl dried pasta
    1 bowl boiled chicken meat, shredded
    1 carrot
    1 onion
    1 bowl green peas and corn
    2 liters chicken broth
    Olive oil
    Spices: salt, sugar, pepper, Maggi’s stuff.


    Step 1: Peel off the cover of carrot and onion. Slice into small cubes.

    Step 2
    : Pour 1 liter water + 1 teaspoon salt into pot and cook until it boils. Next, pour dried pasta and soak until they are soft. Then, wash immediately in cold water and wait to dry.

    Step 3: Cook the chicken broth in medium heat. Add more 1 tablespoon olive oil. Cook until it boils, add more sliced carrot into pot and season with a little salt + sugar.

    Step 4
    : Heat the oil, add sliced onion and fry until it is fragrant. Next, pour all into pot (in step 3) + shredded chicken. Season to suit your flavor.
    Step 5: Next, pour all pasta (ins tep 2) + corn + green peas into pot and cook in 5 – 10 minutes. Season again.

    Finaly, your dish is ready to serve. On Tet holiday, your kids can easily get sick cause the weather is changing from cold to hot. This dish can protect them. I suggest you should serve when it is hot. It can maintain the true flavor when eating. Hope you love this dish and do not miss our other amazing Vietnamese Chicken Recipes next time. Good Luck for your Cooking and Happy Lunar New Year.

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