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    Fried Smooth Luffa with Dried Shrimps Recipe (Mướp Xào Tôm Khô)

    When your mouth feels blank and not interested in any food, I suggest you should cook Fried Smooth Luffa with Dried Shrimps (Mướp Xào Tôm Khô). It is one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes. Moreover, its flavor will help you want to eat more. Smooth Luffa is also really good for health. This dish is suitable with anyone from kids to elderly. And I bet your members in family and friends will fall in love with it.

    Are you ready for this dish? As I told you, it is one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes. So it can save your time much more you think, especially for who is always busy. So, please follow our instructions below carefully.

    - 2 smooth luffa fruits
    - 50gr purple onion
    - ½ bowl broth chicken
    - 50gr dried shrimps
    - Cilantro, chili
    - Spices: Pepper, salt, sugar, monosodium, 6 cloves of garlic, vegetable oil, fish sauce, soy sauce


    *** Prepare:
    - Smooth Luffa: Peel off the cover, clean and slice into 0,3cm for each piece.

    - Dried Shrimp: Soak into cold water about 10 minutes, clean again and wait to dry.

     - Purple onion: Peel off the cover, slice thinly. Fry with a little oil until it is fragrant and turns yellow.
    - Cilantro: Clean and wait to dry
    - Chili: slice small
    - Garlic: smash, peel off the cover, and mince

    *** Cooking: Please follow 2 steps below carefully. Even it is one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes, you should not neglect with these steps.
    Step 1: Boil pan with 2 tablespoons oil, then add minced garlic and fry until it turns yellow, add more dried shrimps into pan.

    Step 2
    : When dried shrimps becomes soft, add sliced smooth luffa. Cover the pan and wait about 10 minutes. (Remember, use with medium heat). Next, season to suit your flavor with: fish sauce + sugar + pepper + salt + monosodium. Turn off the heat.

    Finally you finish one of Easy Vietnames Recipes from us. How do you think about this dish? Amazing and absolutely easy, right? Pour fried smooth luffa on plate, add more sliced cilantro and fried purple onion on its face. Using with boiled rice + soy bean with sliced chili or fish sauce is still delicious. Good Luck for your Cooking

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