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    Grilled Chicken Leg with Mayonnaise Sauce Recipe (Đùi Gà Nướng Sốt)

    Chicken is always a favorite dish of many people. Therefore, today I will show you one of stunning Vietnamese Chicken Recipes, it is Grilled Chicken Leg with Mayonnaise Sauce (Đùi Gà Nướng Sốt Mayonnaise). With some differences in materials processing, the result would be extremely make you surprised. Chicken become golden brown, soft and absorb mayonnaise. You will feel many tastes from this dish such as spicy, sweet and strange. Refresh the menu for the whole family in the coming days with this delicious dish to make your meal appetite and attractive.

    If you like chicken and mayonnaise sauce, you should try to cook it at least once time. There are 5 steps to create this dish which comes from many delicious Vietnamese Chicken Recipes.

    - 1.5 - 2 kg Chicken legs
    - 300g Mayonnaise sauce
    - Garlic
    - 30g Chili powder
    - Spices, and pepper.

    Step 1
    : In a bowl of mayonnaise, add chili powder, spices, pepper, mix well.
    Step 2: Garlic, peeled, finely chopped and place in bowl of mayonnaise, continue to mix well.
    Step 3: This step is important to create any stunning dish from Vietnamese Chicken Recipes. Spread mayonnaise mixture on each piece of chicken leg, you should make sure that marinated all sides of chicken. Then put the chicken into the bowl.

    Step 4
    : Preheat oven to 180 degrees, add chicken on the oven and grill for 45 minutes.

    Step 5
    : Arrange meat on plate, you may be served with fried potatoes and salad to make your dish become more attractive.

    Finally, are you ready to serve this dish? This dish will make your meal become more wonderful. So, are you ready to cook? Moreover, you can use this dish with boiled rice. Hope you like it and do not forget to visit our website to see more stunning dishes about Vietnamese Chicken Recipes. See you next time and have a good appetite.

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