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    Vietnamese Vetetarian Pho Recipe (Pho Chay)

    For those who certainly eat vegetarian food, will not strange to the vegetarian pho which is also cooked by Pho noodles like Vietnamese Pho Recipes. The most basic difference of vegetarian pho is in materials processing plant entirely. Therefore the sweet of vegetarian pho is very specific, natural and sweet taste of the vegetables, not brought about by bone.
    In Vietnamese Pho Recipes, Vegetarian Pho is cooked with more effort than normal Pho, cook need to simmer this dish for about 2 hours. Not only delicious taste experience, vegetarian pho delivers to consumers an elegant, and peace. A simple dish but behind it is a meaningful philosophy of biology. Many people said that eating vegetarian foods is respect for life, for a world of pure and compassion, and direct people’s hearts to the inner peace.


    1 apple, 1 pear
    1/4 cabbage
    1 carrot, 1 white radish
    1 cassava tubers, 1 soy fist
    10 mushroom
    1/2 ginger, crushed, roasted yellow

    5 cloves (Clove), 10 anise star
    1 teaspoon fennel seeds (anise seed or fennel seed, two different, but can be substituted for another)
    1 cinnamon (cinnamon)
    20 grains of pepper (pepper corn)

    Step 1
    . Put spices into pan, or the oven about 5 minutes.
    Step 2. Put all in the pot, fill in the pot of water, and cook high heat until boiling. Continue cooking in small heat about 2 hours. Most Vietnamese Pho Recipes require this step has to cook carefully. The Dish is good or not depends on its broth.

    Step 3. Sliced mushrooms, or you can fry mushrooms for better flavor, then spread to the surface.

    Step 4. For each 3/4 bowl of soups is 1spoon of salt and 2 to 3 spoons sugar (depending on the broth has the sweet yet).
    Step 5. Dipping a bowl of noodles in hot water by spoon (remember not too many noodles),then boil  broth into bowl immediately (better flavor when eat in hot), put mushrooms, tofu or gluten on the  bowl, sprinkle with pepper.

    Now, you finished our Vietnamese Pho Recipes, Vegetarian Pho is used with the spicy, black sauce, maize, cinnamon, sprout, chili and lemon. In rainy or exhausted days like today, I really want to enjoy one Vegetarian Pho like this. It makes me feel more comfortable and more peace. No stress out. I hope you guys can cook this dish to change boring meals for your family. Good Luck to you.
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