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    Pork Organ Congee Recipe (Cháo Lòng)

    Pork Organ Congee (Cháo Lòng) comes from many stunning Vietnamese Pork Recipes is one of most popular dishes of Vietnamese people. You can easily find them on streets.

    Serving with bean sprout, chili paste, fish sauce, Chinese sticks (quẩy) and coriander is freaking awesome. Now, let us try cooking one of amazing Vietnamese Pork Recipes right now.

    ½ pork stomach
    500g pork bones
    1 pork tongue
    1 pork heart
    200g pork gut
    100g pork liver
    200g pork blood cubes
    1 bowl rice
    3 liters water
    3 tablespoons fish sauce
    Pepper, spring onion, salt, sugar, Maggie Seasoning Powder
    Lime, coriander, chili paste, bean sprout.

    Step 1
    : Clean well pork bones, chop into short pieces. Pour 3 liters of water into pot with pork bones, cook in 1 hour. Sometime use spoon to scoop dirty bubbles on face of broth to make it is clear.
    Step 2: Add more rice (clean in 2 – 3 times) into pot as well. Cook until it is soft, season with fish sauce and Maggie seasoning powder.
    Step 3: Soak pork tongue into hot water, use knife to shave the dirty layer on its skin. Clean again in 2 – 3 times and put it into pot on step 2.
    Step 4: Clean well and boil heart, liver in 2 liters hot water added a little salt. Then filter this broth and pour into pot in step 2 as well.
    Step 5: Boil pork blood cubes into separate pot with hot water and then slice into small square cubes.
    Step 6: Clean well pork gut with vinegar until reduce all its smell. Grind pork blood cube with spring onion, a little pork grease cubes, Vietnamese herb mint leaves; spices and add into pork gut for filling. Then, bring to fry until it turns yellow. Wait to reduce heat and slice small.
    Step 7: Slice thinly all pork organs and arrange on plate and you already can serve it for your family meal.

    Finally, scoop congee on bowl; arrange a little one by one pork organ on top with a little lime juice, Vietnamese herb mint leaves, bean sprout; chili paste. Serving when it is hot is more delicious. Moreover, you can add more fish sauce to increase its flavor if you want. Hope you satisfy with one of stunning Vietnamese Pork Recipes and Good luck for your cooking.
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