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    Vietnamese Grilled Chopped Pork Stick Recipe (Nem Nướng)

    Have you ever wondered how to make Vietnamese Grilled Chopped Pork Stick (Nem Nướng) which comes from many interesting Vietnamese Pork Recipes? Trust me, if you decide to cook it, you step one step to discover the true cuisine of my country.
    In rainy days like this, sitting around fired cob, enjoy these pork sticks is nothing better. Now, let us together discover one of amazing Vietnamese Pork Recipes which originally comes from Hanoi capital, ok?

    1kg pork meat (no grease)
    4g pork grease
    Garlic, purple onion (minced all)
    Maggie Seasoning Powder
    Sugar, salt, pepper, chilies

    Step 1
    : Clean well pork and grease, grind them well. Next, add more minced garlic + purple onion and mix well until it becomes an identical mixture.

    Step 2
    : Then, add more Maggie Seasoning Powder, sugar, salt and knead well about 15 – 30 minutes. Separate into small equal balls.

    Step 3
    : Use bamboo sticks, soak in hot water about 1 hour to reduce its smell. And roll each ball around each bamboo stick firmly with length about 10cm.

    Step 4
    : Bring to steam about 10 – 15 minutes before bring to grill on cob. Here is the most popular way to cooking one of stunning Vietnamese Pork Recipes. It will also bring a specific flavor for your dish which no other grilling ways can make it.

    This dish is known that one of popular street food of Vietnamese people. You can serve it with rice paper, vegetables and special sauce. It is really interesting, right? Hope you love it and do not miss our next Vietnamese Pork Recipes, ok? Good luck for your cooking and have a good appetite.
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