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    Fried Pho with Vegetable Recipe (Phở Xào)

    Hi everyone, today I will show you one of stunning Vietnamese Pho Recipes, it is called Fried Pho with Vegetables (Phở Xào). Pho noodle is the most popular dish in Vietnam, and Pho is known as beef pho and chicken pho. Stirring pho is quite strange with Vietnamese and foreigner. Although, it is quite strange, but the taste of it is also delicious like original Pho.

    Next, I am going to show how to cook Fried Pho with Vegetable (Phở Xào), one of amazing Vietnamese Pho recipes in our country. There are only 3 steps for you to follow, let us do all the steps carefully.


    300 g fresh Pho noodles
    150g fresh shrimp (you can use dried shrimps, however, I suggest you should use fresh ones)
    100g purple cabbage
    100g white cabbage
    Carrots 50g
    Some Dill
    Tapioca flour
    Minced onion, oil, grain wedge

    *** You can buy ingredients at Vietnamese Markets.
    Step 1:

    - Chopped purple and white cabbage into small fibers and soaked them in water.
    - Peeled carrots, chopped fibers as you like.
    Step 2:
    - Shrimp peel off the cover, remove head, seasoning to suit your taste. This is an important step to create one of stunning Vietnamese Pho recipes.
    - Vegetables washed, cut into pieces.

    Step 3:
    - Soak Pho Noodle in hot water about 5 minutes and wash in cold water immediately.
    - Add minced garlic with 1 tablespoon oil and fry until its color turn yello. Then, fry shrimp about 3 minutes. Add more sliced carrots, white cabbage to stir fry, taste seasonings. Next add dill, purple cabbage on it. Finally, stir Pho noodles with this mixture, and turn off the stove.

    In the end, you finished one of stunning Vietnamese Pho Recipes. This dish is ready to serve, using with chili sauce and black sauce if you like. Waiting for us to get more information about next recipes. How do you think? Take a note on your notebook to do not miss this amazing dish from your journey in our beautiful country and hope you will have an amazing trip ever in here. Good luck to you when you want to cook this dish.
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