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    Grilled Rolled Pork with Shrimps and Pineapple (Thịt Cuộn Tôm Dứa Nướng)

    Grilled Rolled Pork with Shrimps and Pineapple (Thịt Cuộn Tôm Dứa Nướng) which came from many delicious Vietnamese Pork Recipes will be shown today for all you guys. Trust me; nothing better when you can create something new for your family meal like this dish.

    The combination between pork, shrimp and pineapple will create a fantastic flavor when chewing. A little sour flavor spreads out from this fruit can bring a good appetite for your meal. Now, let us start making one of amazing Vietnamese Pork Recipes like this with me, ok?


    300g pork belly
    500g tiger shrimps
    1 pineapple
    1 tablespoon marinade sauce (use for grilling meat)
    1 teaspoon chili powder, 2 teaspoons sugar
    Wood sticks for grilling
    1 clove of ginger, 3 cloves of garlic, spring onion

    Step 1: Peel off the cover of ginger, slice small. Clean and slice small spring onion as well.

    Step 2: Pour marinade sauce into bowl, add more sliced ginger, spring onion, chili powder and mix well.

    Step 3
    : Add more minced garlic with 2 teaspoons sugar into this sauce, use whisk to mix this sauce better. To create one of fantastic Vietnamese Pork Recipes like this, here is the most important step – the sauce.

    Step 4: Peel off the cover of pineapple, cut off eyes of fruit and slice into medium pieces.

    Step 5
    : Clean shrimps, peel off the cover, cut off their heads; pull out the black line on backs. Put one by one sliced pineapple on each shrimp.

    Step 6
    : Clean pork belly, slice into long and thin pieces, Roll each pork piece around shrimp and pineapple in step 5 and use wood stick to stick them together.

    Step 7: Repeat step 6 until you finish all.

    Step 8
    : Use brush to spread the mixture in step 3 around meat, bring to grill on cob in 15 – 20 minutes. Something spread the sauce on face of meat for helping the sauce absorb into meat better.

    Finally, when you meat turn brown yellow, it means they are cooked. I suggest you should serve when it is hot. How do you feel? It is really interesting, right? Hope you can satisfy with one of amazing Vietnamese Pork Recipes like this and good luck for your cooking.
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