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    Phu Quoc Island Vietnam Popular Destination

    Phu Quoc Island Vietnam Popular Destination
    Phu Quoc Island is one of best Vietnam Popular Destinations and is the greatest tourist island in Vietnam, located in Thai Lan Bay and belongs to Kien Giang Province. Even a great place for tourists, Phu Quoc was not a final choice of tourists for recent years ago. It can be explained that the tourism and transportation in Vietnam was not developed and safety in last decade. Therefore, most people thought that it was just an island which sited at the end of the nation.
    In short time, many tourist companies have invented a big number of capitals to Phu Quoc, so it quickly turned into one of the Vietnam popular destinations for tourists. All of visitors come there always are satisfied with the services and foods.
    Phu Quoc has many long coasts stretching from the North to South and it also has 99 mountains, hills and ecology forest with diversity plants and animals. From the North to South, the visitors can travel and discover many big and small islands. An Thoi, Mong Tay or Doi Moi islands now are considered good places for yachting, fishing, diving and picnic.
    There are many restauratns are opened crossing the beach in Phu Quoc Island
    The special things that make Phu Quoc becomes one of Vietnam popular destinations that this island contains many mysterious things that never discover before. Therefore, the tourists can have a chance to explore and discover by themselves to find out these secret things.
    Today, I will show you some interesting tours in Phu Quoc Island for you to choose
    Diving around the coral:
    This is the most interesting tour when travelling to Phu Quoc. The diversity of ecology in there make the tour is extremely amazing and exciting ever for the tourist. The tourists will be guided and helped by experience sailor there and discover the deepest secret of ocean and wild island.
    Foreign tourists fall in love with this sport in Phu Quoc Island.
    Phu Quoc Island Vietnam Popular Destination1
    Fishing is well known as an interesting entertainment for tourists for a long time. The experience tailor will look for the position of variety of fishessuch as grouper or tuna. The tourists will be served the fish right on the boat by their fishing.
    Night Squid Fishing:
    In my opinion, this activity is enormously exciting. You will use the light to attract the squid which are looking for the foods on the dark night time. The sound of each squid when they are eating the baits is the most interesting sound to me.
    After that, you can grill squids and fishes you got and enjoy with beer. Amazing feeling at night in Phu Quoc Isaland is here.
    Exploring the ecology forest:
    This tour makes the Phu QuocIsland become the Vietnam popular destination. It is well place for people who want to challenge themselves. They can go picnic, climbing up the mountains, exploring the ecology forest or taking bath in the cool water of streams. Especially, you can enjoy the unique of natural Jacuzzi.
    Come and enjoy one of the top 10 Vietnam popular destinations in my beautitul country. You will have good memory to write down on your diary.
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