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    Stir fried Beef with Eggplant Recipe (Bò Xào Cà Tím)

    Beef maintains many nutriment for your body, especially for your blood. I am still getting sick that is why I choose Stir fried Beef with Eggplant (Bò Xào Cà Tím) which comes from many Easy Vietnamese Recipes to change my boring daily menu and yes, it works.

    The combination between these ingredients will create the stuning flavor in your mouth when chewing. It also saves my time alot. Why don’t we cooking one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes together?

    300g beef
    300g eggplant fruits
    Chili, spring onion, purple herb leaves (beefsteak leaves or shiso in Japanese name)
    1 brand of ginger, 3 cloves of garlic
    1 and half of teaspoons sesame oil
    1 tablespoon soysauce
    Roasted sesame
    Salt, pepper.

    Step 1
    : Clean beef, wait to reduce water and slice thinly like photo (thickness in 0,6cm).

    Step 2: Mix beef with 1 tablespoon soysauce, minced garlic + ginger, ½ teaspoon pepper, 1 and half teaspoons of sesame oil, marinate and wait in 30 – 60 minutes.

    Step 3
    : Clean and slice eggplant into 4 equal parts. Then, slice each part into 5 long equal pieces and soak in water added a little salt in 10 minutes to make sure it will not turn black. Here is also my small tip to create one of amazing and Easy Vietnamese Recipes.

    Step 4: Clean and slice spring onion into long pieces like photo. Clean chili, do not use seeds, slice small.

    Step 5
    : Heat the oil, add sliced eggplant with ½ teaspoon salt, fry in 3 – 5 minutes.

    Step 6
    : When it is soft, add more spring onion and chili into pan, fry quickly in 30 seconds and turn off the heat, pour into clean bowl.

    Step 7: Use that pan again, heat the oil and fry beef with large heat in 2 -3 minutes.

    Step 8: Next, pour mixture in step 6 into pan, and fry in 1 – 2 minutes, season again to suit your flavor. Then, pour into clean bowl and mix with roasted sesame.

    Step 9
    : Clean and slice small shiso. Sprinkle on top to decorate.

    Finally, you just finished one of interesting and Easy Vietnamese Recipes from me. How do you feel? How does its smell? So attractive, right? This is the first time I try this recie but luckily it is not let me down. Hope you will satisfy with this recipe and good luck for your cooking. Have a good appetite.
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