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    3 Vietnamese Delicious Octopus Street food in Saigon

    One of delicious Vietnamese Street Food is octopus. There are many ways to process this ingredient from steam to fry with many adding other ingredients. In recent day, many delicious dishes from octopus have appeared from street restaurants to famous ones. They are popular specialty dishes not only of Sea people but also of young Vietnamese.
    Octopus is also called master squid. The process to make this ingredient is really easy and fast. The meat of octopus only is delicious when it is fresh. After that, clean octopus by scraping with a little salt and lemon. Next, clean in water for several times, let it dry, cut to short pieces and does process it. Today, I will show you 3 delicious dishes from octopus, one of popular Vietnamese Street Food.
    Dish 1: Grilled Octopus with Chili Sauce
    3 Vietnamese Delicious Octopus Street food in Saigon

    After cleaning octopus, it is embalmed with multi-flavor. When customers orders food, each octopus will be brought to grill. When it gets medium cooked, the delicious smell will spread out. After it is grilled, the seller uses scissors to cut into small pieces and bring to serve for customers. The sauce of this dish usually is the combination of salt, pepper and lemon. I suggest you should eat this delicious Vietnamese Street Food on An Duong Vuong street, district 5 (Opposite the gate of Su Pham University) or Gia Dinh Park, Go Vap district.
    Dish 2: Steamed Octopus with Ginger.
    3 Vietnamese Delicious Octopus Street food in Saigon1

    When octopus is cleaned, seller will steam it with several sliced ginger, spring onion and chili. It will be cooked about 10 minutes. Steaming octopus can help to keep its fresh flavor. It is really sweet and enough tough. The sauce has a little sour, sweet and hot to drown the stinking smell from octopus. You can eat this dish everywhere in Saigon, especially on street seafood restaurants.
    Dish 3: Octopus with raw fish and vegetable.
    3 Vietnamese Delicious Octopus Street food in Saigon2

    Raw fish and vegetable is the easiest cooking dish in Vietnamese Street Food. After cleaning it, slice to small pieces and steam to get a medium cooked. Next, mix it with onion, chili, fried spring onion and persicaria. The sauce is made from mixture of first water of lemon, sugar, pepper and chili sauce. Wait about 5 minutes and you can enjoy this dish. You can make it at home or step by 3rd street block 26 Go Vap district to eat or bring back home.
    There still have other delicious Vietnamese street food in our beautiful country. I will show you more on next post. Hope you have one happy trip with your family and friends.
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