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    Cơ Tu Bacon (Thịt Xông Khói Cơ Tu)

    For who is gourmet with Best Vietnamese Food, when you come to Cơ Tu village on their festival day such as harvest day (Bhuoi Avi), happy home day (Lang tori), new rice season day (Chaha roo tomee). On festival day, buffalo are scarified to the God and then the buffalo is cut and share to the villagers. The number of sharing meat depends on the contribution of villagers to the village on festival day. On average, people receive 3 or 4 kilos of meat.
    Cơ Tu Bacon (Thịt Xông Khói Cơ Tu)

    After receiving meat, they slice it into small pieces and then slope through them by one rope and put in the kitchen. This is one way of saving food in the days has a little food. When cooking food, the smoke and heat from the kitchen will dry the meat. The quality of this Best Vietnam Food is get more luscious when it is put in the kitchen for long time.
    Cơ Tu Bacon (Thịt Xông Khói Cơ Tu)1

    Some families has many buffalo’ meat they chill and season the meat with salt, chilies, pepper. The quality of this Best Vietnamese Food still remains the taste and sweetness. When eating it, people will tear it in long piece to grill again. After grilling the bacon, the smoke smell still stuck inside.
    Cơ Tu Bacon (Thịt Xông Khói Cơ Tu)2

    The Cơ Tu residents only use this Best Vietnamese Food on rainy day, storm day or festival day to serve the visitors. They make many dishes such as grilling, cook with cassava, rice, corn and some herbs. All of them are very delicious. So if you are invited this food, it means you are their special guest. Therefore, you have to appreciate it and thank them a lot.
    Cơ Tu Bacon (Thịt Xông Khói Cơ Tu)3

    When exchange culture amongst tribe, this Best Vietnamese Food is not served only in home’s meal. It becomes the specialty food that is served to every one for explore and discover purpose to visitors. Make sure you already take note this dish on your journey book before planning to visit Vietnam. Hope you have an excited trip with friends and family in my beautiful country.

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