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    Fried Crabs with Chili Sauce (Cua Sốt Ớt)

    If you love seafood, you should not miss one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes like this one. Yes, it is called Fried Crabs with Chili Sauce (Cua Sốt Ớt).

    The sauce is made from black soy sauce, garlic, chili powder etc ... is created one fantastic flavor in your mouth. And trust me; you can not stop eating from the first bite. Sometime, eating bread with this sauce is damn good. And now, let us start cooking one of fantastic Vietnamese Food Recipes like this ok?
    1kg sea crabs
    1 bunch of dried anchovy fishes
    1 teaspoon miso soup
    1 tablespoon chili sauce
    1 tablespoon chili powder
    3 tablespoons black soy sauce
    1 tablespoon rice wine
    1 garlic, 1 brand of ginger, pepper.
    Step 1: Clean well sea crabs, use brush to wash carefully their bodies and legs.

    Step 2: Seperate shells and bodies of crabs. Pull out the striangle shapes on their bellies, store the eggs into clean bowl.

    Step 3
    : Put crabs including their shells into pot.

    Step 4: Add more 1,5 liters water into another pot plus dried anchovy fishes, 1 teaspoon miso soup, cook about 5 minutes and then put out all anchovy fishes.

    Step 5: Add minced garlic, ginger water, black soy sauce, rice wine, chili sauce into bowl, pour more water in step 4 and stir gently to make sauce for one of fantastic Vietnamese Food Recipes.

    Step 6: Pour the sauce in step 5 into pot which stored crabs, cook with medium heat.

    Step 7: Cook in 5 – 7 minutes, sprinkle more pepper on top.

    Finally, you already finished one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes from us. I suggest you should eat this dish when it is still hot to maintain the stunning flavor from it. As I told above, eating the sauce with bread, white dumpling (no filling) or steamed rice is all delicious. Hope you will love this recipe and good luck for your cooking.
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