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    Ghost Knife Fish (Ca Thac Lac)

    From many delicious Traditional Vietnamese Food, the name of this fish may scare you, but its meat is so delicious. In Vietnam, there are many street vendors and restaurants providing it in their menu. This fish is mostly live in South area and now spread throughout Vietnam and its name is Ghost Knife Fishes.
    There are two main ways to cook this fish in Vietnam. And it become more popular in streets.
    Fried ghost knife fish dish:
    Ghost Knife Fish (Ca Thac Lac)

    This dish is more popular in family meals than restaurant meals. Due to this dish is more delicious when eating it with hot rice. However, some people choose this dish as appetizers before eating the main dish, so it can call be a Traditional Vietnamese Food. To make this dish, you firstly take only the meat from the fish and then fired it on the hot oil pan in some minutes. Until the meat looks like the marbles, it is time for enjoying.
    Ghost knife fish hot pot dish:
    Ghost Knife Fish (Ca Thac Lac)1

    The ingredient to make this dish is quite simple which are one ghost knife fish, some pig bone, dried shrimp, melon, garlic, scallions, chili and pepper. Firstly, taking the meat from the fish and then mix it with garlic, scallions, chili and pepper. To make a sweet broth, you have to heat the pig’s bone in broth for 1-2hours. Then you can add the dried shrimp, fish sauce, glutamate, chili and pepper into the broth. When the water is boiled, it is time for combine the meat’s fish and melon which are slice in piece together into the broth. The meat is brittle and delicious and the melon has cooling effects.
    Ghost Knife Fish (Ca Thac Lac)2

    It is fantastic combining. You can eat with noodles, rice or wheat. Most of restaurants providing only 5 or 6 style of hot pot, and ghost knife fish hot pot are one of them. Therefore, it is easily become one of best Traditional Vietnamese Food.
    To sum up, in the hot weather, two these ways are good choices for you. Come and enjoy one more popular Traditional Vietnamese Food in our beautiful country. Hope you like this post and do not miss our next posts tomorrow. Good Luck for your trip.
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