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    Husband and Wife cakes (Xu Xe cakes)

    Husband and Wife cake (or called Xu Xe cakes) is Traditional Vietnamese food. According to legend, the name of the cake is determined by king Ly Anh Tong. In the legend, when the ​​king Ly Anh Tong fights, his wife bakes a cake to send her love to him. The King ate and feel well, he thought of husband and wife’s love, so he was named this cake is Husband and wife cake. Just because the name, therefore Husband and Wife cake are tied in pairs, represents the steadfast and faithful of husband and wife.
    Husband and Wife cakes (Xu Xe cakes)

    Husband and wife cake is a specialty popular of Traditional Vietnamese food. This cake is in many places, but mostly in Dinh Bang village of Bac Ninh province, where keeping tradition of Husband and wife cake. In many places, people no longer see the yellow of Husband and wife cake anymore, but instead it is red, white square but round, soft, delicious ... and still contained in the notion of faithful message sent to the couple on their wedding days.

    Filling of cake
    2 tablespoon vanilla
    1 cup of mungbean
    ½ cup of sugar
    ½ cup of grated coconut

    Cover of cake
    1 cup of tapioca starch
    1, 5 cup of water
    ½ cup of shredded of coconut
    Decorate with some sesame seeds
    Some cling wrap with the size 10*10
    6 drop pandan paste


    Step 1: Wash rice. Drained and using mortar for rice. Then extract rice starch.
    Step 2: A pound of rice usually gets 4 ounces of starch. Flour which again led to very fine grinding and drying or dried for over 15 days to do the cake, if done immediately, cake will be crushed. This step is really important to create a stunning Traditional Vietnamese Food like this cake.
    Step 3: Green beans are soaked thoroughly, washed shell. Steamed, finely ground, beat sugar and mix some grated coconut fiber which was small. When you eat, bread is usually cut into four parts, so 4 lotus seeds are placed in the 4 corners.
    Husband and Wife cakes (Xu Xe cakes) 1
    Step 4: When peel cake, the cake is yellow and pure, instead of seeing the tiny grated papaya sprinkled inside, it looks attractive. Yellow color of the cover is made up of “Danh Danh” flowers. The baker dry flowers, baking when soaked in boiling water to extract the water is yellow, get this water to mix into the dough to create color of cake.
    Husband and Wife cakes (Xu Xe cakes) 2

    Step 5: Traditionally, Husband and wife cakes are wrapped in two kind of leaf. Inside is banana leaf, coconut leaf layer, but on wedding day, baker can put the cake in red paper box. Boil cake in medium firewood stoves.
    Husband and Wife cakes (Xu Xe cakes) 3

    To sum up, in many places in Vietnam, Husband and Wife cake is used as a sacrifice in the engagement party. In wedding party, people also use this Traditional Vietnamese food for dessert dish. Come to our country, taste or cook this stunning cake to know more about our culture. Let try it.
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