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    Grilled Potatoes with Sausage Filling Recipe (Khoai Tây Nướng Nhồi Xúc Xích)

    With a little change, you can create one of delicious Vietnamese Food Recipes for your beloved family. Today, I would like to introduce one dish for your main meal. It is called Grilled Potatoes with Sausage Filling (Khoai Tây Nướng Nhồi Xúc Xích). It is not only delicious, but also really easy for cooking. If you do not have much time for cooking, I think here is a great choice. Eating with boiled rice or with chili sauce is all perfect.

    When you are ready to create one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes like this one with us, please follow our instruction below and let us together start cooking right now.
    5 small potatoes
    30g Cheddar cheese
    30g cheese (long pieces)
    100ml whipping cream (has sugar)
    30g sausage
    30g pork bacon
    10ml lemon juice
    Spices: salt, sugar, pepper.
    Step 1: Boil potatoes. If you want they are cooked quickly, you should cover the pot when boiling.

    Step 2: While waiting boiling potatoes, slice small sausage and pork bacon and bring to roast quickly in 5 minutes.
    Step 3: Making sauce: add 3 – 4 lemon drops in whipping cream and mix well.

    Step 4: When potatoes are cooked, use a knife to cut one line on them. Next, use spoon to rake the meat potatoes well.

    Step 5: Add 2 kinds of cheese into potatoes. Here is my choice to create one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes.

    Step 6: Bring to grill at 190 degree in 5 minutes. Next, when they are still hot and cheese is melting, sprinkle mixture in step 2 on face of cheese.

    Finally, you can serve one of delicious Vietnamese Food Recipes for your family and friends. Sprinkle more sliced coriander will create a specific flavor for this dish. If you have a party, I think this dish is a good choice for making. Eating with the sauce in step 3 or any sauce you love is all perfect. Hope you have a happy party and meal with your beloved ones. Good Luck for your Cooking.

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