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    Mixture Fried Chicken with Vegetables Recipe (Thịt Gà Xào Rau Củ Thập Cẩm)

    What will you cook for yourself and family today? May I suggest one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes for you? It is Mixture Fried Chicken with Vegetables (Thịt Gà Xào Rau Củ Thập Cẩm). Serving this dish with boiled rice and hot soup for family meals is perfect in these days. Winter will end soon and spring is coming. However, the weather is still freezing outside. Eating something make you feel warmer inside is a good choice. Moreover, this dish is also really good for health as well. If you are getting diet, it is a great choice for lunch meals.

    Are you ready to change your boring daily meals with us? If you want, please follow carefully our instruction below. For me, here is the great combination between chicken meat and vegetables. Let us start cooking one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes right now.
    300gr chicken meat (fillet)
    1 carrot
    1 kohlrabi
    150gr young corn
    ½ white cautiflower (200 – 300gr)
    Spices: salt, Maggi’s stuff, spring onion, pepper, garlic.
    Step 1: Clean chicken meat, cut off the skin. Slice into medium pieces. Marinate with 1 teaspoon salt + ½ teaspoon pepper + ½ teaspoon Maggi’s stuff + minced garlic, mix well and wait about 30 minutes

    Step 2: Peel off the cover of carrot, kohlrabi. Clean them; cut into short pieces. Clean white cautiflower with water added a little salt and slice small. Clean carefully young corn and spring onion
    Step 3: Here is important to create the flavor for one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes for your meal. Add 2 teaspoons oil into pan, wait to hot, add sliced chicken meat and fry until it is cooked. You can cover the pan to help meat become soft quickly.

    Step 4: Next, add all vegetables into pan, fry until they are soft. You can add more 1 – 2 tablespoons water to create broth for this dish. Use chopsticks to stir well. Then, season to suit your flavor and turn off the heat.

    Finally, your dish is ready to serve. Add more sliced spring onion on face of dish. Before serving, sprinkle a little pepper and use with boiled rice. It is really amazing, right? Hope you love this dish and do not miss our other stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes next time. Good Luck for your Cooking.

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