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    Stone Eel (Cá Chình Đá)

    Today, I will introduce to you another Best Vietnamese Food in our beautiful country. Here is the amazing ingredient to cook many dishes. It is also a kind of fishes, but it looks like snake more. So, you can guess what it is? Yes, it is eel. So if you are excited about it, just follow our post right here.
    Stone Eel (Cá Chình Đá)

    Eel usually lives in the sea or river, it is hard to see or catch one eel which live in the streams due to the streams usually is not deep, so they are easily caught. If you can get one there, it is Stone Eel (Cá Chình Đá). One day, one of my friends from Dak Lak visited to my house and he brought two stone eel that he was luck to buy it from one professional fisher. He told that the stone eels live in the streams was crowded in many years ago, but now they are getting scare.
    Stone Eel (Cá Chình Đá)1

    After telling me the story of the stone eel, he came to my kitchen and showed his cooking skills. Looking his skill, I thought that one day he could become a master of chef in one luxury restaurants. His skill was so fantastic, he cut the eel and take all the inside parts of them off in just some movements. He asked me that many meals that can make from stone eel like grilled it with lemon leaves, fried it with mushrooms or making one eel hot pot. Finally, we chose two types of this Best Vietnamese Food which are Grilled Eel with Chilies and  Eel Curry with Eggplant.
    Stone Eel (Cá Chình Đá)2

    Grilled Eel with Chilies is simple making. Cut the eel into some parts and then mix the chilies and lemongrass with them. Put them onto the hot coal pot in some minutes, and then you can enjoy them. Stone eels are one type of fish which has a lot of lean meat due to they move a lot in the stream to avoid the enemies and looking for the food. So the meat of stone eel is more brittle than others which is much more delicious. Here is one of my favor dish about Best Vietnamese Food.
    Stone Eel (Cá Chình Đá)3

    Eel Curry with Eggplant is a litter harder. Firstly, you cut the eggplant in a half and boiled them into the hot water in some minutes. Next, the stone eel are combined with the fish sauce, turmeric, curry powder, chilies and pepper before putting together with the eggplants into the hot pot. It is hard to describe the tasty of this dish. My friend said that the best way to enjoy this Best Vietnamese Food is adding a lot of chilies to get spicy flavor.
    To sum up, there still have many ways to cook this amazing ingredients. It depends on your flavor and what dish you can cook. However, here is 2 popular ways to create stunning dishes for yourself, family and friends. Hope you like it and do not miss our next post next time. See you soon.
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